Could YOU benefit from hypnosis? 10 Questions to ask yourself


Could YOU benefit from hypnosis? A lot of people don’t think hypnosis could help them. This attitude comes from a misunderstanding of hypnosis.

Most people think that there are only 3 categories of people who would benefit from hypnosis. They are as follows:

  • People who would like to quit smoking
  • People who would like to lose weight
  • People with “problems”

Although hypnosis can certainly help with quitting smoking and reducing weight, there is so much more that can be accomplished.

Let’s talk about whether or not YOU could benefit from hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a self-improvement tool

Many people don’t seek out hypnosis because they don’t want to admit to having problems.

However, seeking assistance not a sign of weakness at all. It’s a wise decision that can help you resolve issues much quicker than you might be able to on your own.

It’s important to understand that hypnosis is NOT therapy. It’s a self-improvement tool. If you seek out the services of a professional hypnotist, you are NOT admitting to having problems. You are, instead, acknowledging your commitment to a better life.

Therapy would probably be a better choice if you have serious problems to overcome. However, there are numerous issues which hypnosis can resolve directly. Hypnosis can be a great adjunct to traditional therapy.

One way to know if hypnosis can help you is to ask yourself, Do I want to improve any aspect of my life? If the answer is yes, the next question shoud be: Am I willing and ready to change my beliefs, attitudes, and actions to achieve these gains?

If the answer is yes, hypnosis can certainly help you.


Do you have a goal?

If you have a goal, you are the perfect candidate for hypnosis. Wouldn’t it be nice to achieve that goal more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible? Would it be nice to develop the natural motivation to take action?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, hypnosis is right for you!


Are you not sure about which goal to set?

Even if you don’t have a goal, hypnosis can still help. Your hypnotist can help you determine the optimal goal for you at this point in time.

You also don’t need to have a goal to benefit from hypnosis. You might prefer to work on resolving an issue or changing a habit. Hypnosis can help with those things too.


Do you have recurring negative patterns in your life?

Do you recognize repeating negative patterns in your life? I’m talking about patterns like always dating the same types of men or women, or always quitting when you’re on the verge of success.

These long-standing patterns are often the result of childhood programming. Hypnosis can help free you from such patterns by updating your belief system to more resourceful ways of thinking.


Do you have a medical issue?

Hypnosis is usually the last thing people think about when it comes to medical issues. However, it should be the FIRST thing you think about. OK, well, maybe the second thing. The first thing to do when you have a medical issue is to talk to your doctor.

The fact is, disease has a physical cause AND a mental cause. Some illnesses may be entirely psychosomatic, or mental, in origin. Even illnesses that are purely psychosomatic produce very real, physical symptoms.

How many people do you know that are suffering from uncomfortable, even painful symptoms, only to be told by their doctor that there’s nothing wrong with them? That’s where hypnosis can help.

Even if your symptoms are physical in nature, hypnosis can help you get well faster, and save money in the process.

Many cancer patients go through treatment only to have the cancer re-emerge later. That’s because the mental cause was not dealt with. In many cases, symptoms will persist until BOTH physical and mental issues have been addressed.


Do you have a weakness that you would like to work on?

Everyone can improve themselves in some way. Maybe you’re shy around your peers, or fearful of public speaking. Just take a moment and think about what your life would be like if you turned one of your weaknesses into your greatest strength?

Many successful people have done just that. Consider Michael Jordan getting kicked off his high school basketball team, only to become superstar later.

So if you have a weakness you would like to turn into a strength, hypnosis can help do that. Developing this new strength might lead you in new directions you never thought possible.


Would you like to be more spiritually connected?

Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack thereof, most people desire a greater connection to the “all that is.” There are many names for this. Some people call it God. Others call it The Universe, Nature, Source, or Humanity. We all have the desire to be spiritually connected, even if we don’t think about it in those terms.

We all have (insert your word for God) within us. But, it is our negativity that keeps us from being in touch with that creative problem-solving intelligence.

By systematically clearing away the negativity in your mind, you will naturally experience more spiritual connection, whatever that means for you.

It also means that you will experience more love and intuition which will naturally unfold into your life.

Many religious people reject hypnosis. However, each time you pray, you are doing self-hypnosis. You may call it something else, but you ARE doing self-hypnosis. Keep that in mind when thinking about hypnosis as a spiritual tool.


Would you like to improve your business?

Zig Ziglar once said that the quality of your business in the outside world depends on the quality of your business between your two ears. In order to shift your business to the next level, you need to first make a mental shift.

Many people don’t realize that hypnosis can be used to accelerate business goals. When your thinking, emotions, and behaviors are all aligned with a specific goal, amazing things happen. When  you are congruent with your goal at every level, you can move towards it easily, without resistance.

A lot of times people sabotage their business efforts because of deep-seated beliefs holding them back. Hypnosis can help you uncover and remove the mental blocks you might have in achieving your business goals.


Is your name Jesus or Buddha?

When I was attending the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, we learned an excellent way of determining whether or not you need hypnosis.

On the back wall of the classroom were many photos of religious leaders such as Jesus and Buddha.

The saying was, if you’re not on the wall, get in the chair. (for hypnosis) Jesus and Buddha, and a handful of other religious leaders probably wouldn’t benefit from hypnosis.

For everyone else, get in the chair!


YOU could benefit from hypnosis

Most people would benefit tremendously from hypnosis, but they have a mental block against it. That’s OK. It’s natural to resist something that can really help you. Now that we’ve determined that YOU can benefit from hypnosis, stop reading, call up your local hypnotist, and get a session now!

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