Discover the meaning of your dreams

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of your dreams?

Using hypnosis, you can interpret and understand your dreams. Such understanding turns your dreams into valuable teaching tools.

Read on to learn how you can use hypnosis to glean valuable information from your dreams. As a result, you will enjoy many benefits in your waking life.

What are dreams?

Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind. The content and context of dreams usually have symbolic relationships to your waking life.

What do your dreams mean?

Dreams mean different things to different people. Everyone’s mind has unique representational systems. The subconscious mind uses metaphors and symbolism to deliver dream messages.

Dream analysis books

Dream analysis books assign universal “meaning” to common dream objects, places, and situations. Although such analysis is interesting, there is no common dream “language” shared by all dreamers. The symbolism employed by your mind is unique. We make no assumptions about your dreams until the underlying message is delivered by your subconscious.

How can understanding your dreams improve your waking life?

Dreams can:

  • Provide solutions to problems
  • Provide intuition/insight
  • Warn of impending problems/danger
  • See into your future
  • Improve sports performance
  • Explore your own spiritual nature
  • Provide rehearsal for real life
  • Provide motivation to live life to its fullest

Dream your way to better sports performance

Have you ever had a dream about playing your sport? Such dreams can result in vast performance gains, if you understand the message.

When you go to bed tonight, ask your subconscious mind to produce a dream related to your playing. Get in the habit of requesting such dreams, and you will receive them. Soon, you will be dreaming your way to better sports performance!

Ending disturbing dreams or visions

Your subconscious mind varies the intensity of dreams depending on the importance of the message. If a dream strikes you as odd, it probably contains a significant message. If your dreams are recurring or disturbing in nature, your mind is just trying to give you a message. Once you get it, there is no reason to keep playing the same “tapes.”

Get ready to learn from your dreams

Together, we decode the messages in your dreams. From this information, we formulate action steps to fully integrate each lesson into your life. Let me help you improve your waking life by learning from your dreams!

by Sean Maness, CHP
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