Are you confident about the wrong things?

You are already confident! Why am I so sure? After all, I’ve never met you. I’m sure that you’re confident because everyone has confidence! That’s right, everyone on the planet is confident. But, sometimes it’s ┬áconfidence for the wrong reasons! However, with a little practice, you can learn to enjoy confidence for the right reasons!

Confident about the wrong things

Think about the last time you spoke in public. How did you feel? Were your hands shaking? Were your palms sweating? Did you wonder what you were doing up there anyway? Who are all these people staring at you, anyway? If you identify with any of these questions, congratulations! That’s confidence! About the wrong things! In this case, it’s confidence that you’re not a good public speaker. What other kinds of negative confidence do you have? Do you find yourself telling people about all the things you’re NOT good at? Are you certain about the things you can’t do well? Most people are.

Confidence is certainty

Confidence is the quality of certainty. Most people are certain about the wrong things. They are certain that they’re not a good salesperson, speaker, businessperson, etc. They are so confident about their negative qualities! And they will be the first person to proclaim their own negative confidence. As a result, their life experience confirms their negative confidence.

Confidence for the right reasons!

Be confident about your positive qualities! Even with the things you would like to improve, be certain about your ability to improve them quickly and easily! Become confident for the right reasons, and then you can expect to enjoy true confidence when it really counts.

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by Sean Maness, CHP
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