Slim down to your ideal weight

How would life be different at your ideal weight?

Obesity is an ongoing epidemic in America. But, it doesn’t need to be.

Like smoking, weight control is a complex issue. It is a tangled web of negative emotions, bad habits, poor self-esteem, stress, and other factors.

In your sessions, I guide you to untangle this web and slim down to your ideal weight. My weight control plan consists of 6 sessions. Each one is custom designed for you.

Before reading further, take a moment and imagine what life would be like at your ideal weight. How would you feel? How would you feel about yourself? What could you do that you can’t do now? Would not having to worry about your health give you peace of mind?

Jot down 3-4 benefits of slimming down that resonate with you. Bring this list to your hypnotist’s office. When you program your mind with the benefits of achieving your goal, as well as the desired outcome, you are more likely to be successful. Let’s discuss some other benefits of achieving your ideal weight:

Step off the diet roller-coaster

Have you ever gone on a diet and slimmed down, only to gain the weight back? If so, you are in good company. Many Americans jump from diet to diet. With dieting, you achieve results short-term. But, to maintain those results, you would have to stay on that diet the rest of your life! Would you be willing to do that? Dieting doesn’t work in the long term. It’s time to step off the diet roller-coaster for good!

Easily participate in your favorite sports

When you carry extra weight, it’s harder to be athletic. As a result, you might avoid your favorite sports. At your ideal weight, all physical activities are easier.

Play better at your sport

Maybe your weight isn’t a major problem. But, your coach has advised you to drop a few pounds to play optimally in your sport. Your ideal weight is an important factor in athletic excellence.

Higher self-esteem

Imagine how much better you would feel about yourself at your ideal weight. While true self-esteem comes from within, it does give you a boost of confidence to have the physique you desire. This improved confidence also helps you make positive changes in other areas.

Enjoy greater health

Probably the most compelling reason for slimming down is your health. When you are at your ideal weight, your body functions most effectively. Imagine not having to worry about your long-term health!

But, I hate to exercise!

Forget about “exercise.” Re-frame the word “exercise” to “movement” or “physical activity.” There is probably some physical activity you enjoy. As I wrote in my other articles, one of the main benefits of hypnosis is motivation. Chances are, you will feel like physical activity by the time you finish your sessions. Of course, before starting your activity, it’s best to check with your physician.

Get ready for life at your idea weight!

Come in and experience why hypnosis is more effective than any diet. Call or sign up online for a free consultation.

by Sean Maness, CHP
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