How to stay awake during self-hypnosis

There nothing like a good nap. A power nap leaves you feeling refreshed and mentally alert. Although I highly recommend napping to promote wellness, make sure those naps don’t occur during your self-hypnosis practice.

Self-hypnosis is a time for personal development. Hypnosis time is not nap time. Although a hypnotized person might look like they’re asleep, they’re actually doing serious work. This work is difficult to accomplish if you fall asleep during your hypnosis sessions.

Bring yourself into hypnosis

There’s nothing wrong with hypnosis CD’s. However, you will remain more alert if you learn self-hypnosis and give yourself the suggestions. The mental alertness that comes with delivering your own hypnotic suggestions might be all you need to keep yourself awake.

Avoid lying down

Lying down is for sleeping. Practice self-hypnosis sitting in a recliner or chair. Avoid putting your feet up. If you make yourself too comfortable, you might fall asleep.

Practice hypnosis standing up

Yes, it’s possible to go into hypnosis standing up. Doing so will not only make you more proficient with hypnosis, it will also keep you awake!

Practice, practice, practice

When you get used to the hypnotic state, staying awake will be easier. It takes a little while to get used to closing your eyes and relaxing without falling asleep. Keep working at it. Don’t become discouraged.  

Avoid practicing hypnosis when you are tired

Avoid practice right before bed. Practice when you are mentally alert.

Can you think of anything else?

Are there any other ways of staying awake in hypnosis practice? Leave a comment below.


by Sean Maness, CHP
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