Hypnosis for success with goals

Can you use hypnosis for success? Absolutely! Hypnosis is one of the greatest ways of motivating yourself to succeed. Before reading this post, I would recommend reading Is hypnosis real? And what is it anyway?. In this article, I will expand on the benefits of using hypnosis for success on your goals.

Using hypnosis for success is like “setting” your mind for a goal

Think about your alarm clock for a second. Can it help you wake up without being set for a specific time? Of course not. Your mind works the same way. You must “set” your mind for a goal. Doing so activates your inner resources to go out and achieve it.

Getting motivated

Do you struggle with motivation? If so, re-examine your goal to make sure it is compatible with your values. If achieving this goal would conflict with any of your fundamental values, you will have resistance to working on it. Also, are you focusing on the end result, or getting caught up in the “how-to” aspect of your goal? Focus on the final outcome. The more you keep this desired outcome of your goal in mind, the greater your motivation to achieve it.

Discover how to accomplish your goal

Even if you have no idea “how to” accomplish your goal, remain focused on the image of your goal already achieved. Hold this image in your mind, and you will start to think of action steps that will bring you closer to your goal.


“Releasing the brakes”

Author Jack Canfield describes what he calls “Releasing the brakes” in his book The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

Most people drive through life with their psychological emergency brake on. They hold on to negative images about themselves or suffer the effects of powerful experiences they haven’t yet released.

Whether or not you achieve your goal is dependent on your thoughts, beliefs, your self-image, and the actions you take. It is exceptionally difficult to achieve a goal that is out of sync with your fundamental beliefs about yourself. Hypnosis helps you release the brakes, freeing up your internal resources to achieve your goal!

How to start using hypnosis for success

First, define your goal in concrete terms. Specifically, how will you know when you have achieved it? Make sure it’s a SMART goal. Look at the featured picture for this post if you need a refresher.

Next, brainstorm the first step and take that step as soon as possible. Begin to visualize the final outcome of your goal for a few minutes a day. After you complete the first action step, think about the next logical step. Keep taking action and visualizing your goal achieved, until it is complete.

To speed up the process, come in for a session and experience the most effective way to accomplish your goals.

by Sean Maness, CHP
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