Do you suffer from IBS?

ibs treatment Dallas


Are you looking for an IBS treatment natural Dallas to relieve the following?

    • diarrhea
    • constipation
    • abdominal cramps
    • stomach pain and discomfort
    • constipation
    • bloating

Research shows that hypnotherapy is a powerful IBS treatment natural Dallas – Get relief now!

ibs treatment natural Dallas


Researchers have found that focusing the mind with hypnotherapy can improve the emotional and physical symptoms in some who have IBS. In one study, 20 men and 55 women received between five and seven half-hour hypnotherapy sessions over a three-month period. Afterwards, patients reported a 30% improvement in emotional quality of life and a 16% increase in overall physical health. –

Study show long-term benefits of hypnosis as an IBS treatment natural Dallas

204 patients prospectively completed questionnaires scoring symptoms, quality of life, anxiety, and depression before, immediately after, and up to six years following hypnotherapy…With respect to symptom scores, all items at follow up were significantly improved on pre-hypnotherapy levels..There were no significant differences in the symptom scores between patients assessed at 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5+ years following treatment. Quality of life and anxiety or depression scores were similarly still significantly improved at follow up (p<0.001) but did show some deterioration. Patients also reported a reduction in consultation rates and medication use following the completion of hypnotherapy. This study demonstrates that the beneficial effects of hypnotherapy appear to last at least five years. Thus it is a viable therapeutic option for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.  – Long term benefits of hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome W M Gonsalkorale, V Miller, A Afzal, and P J Whorwell

Study shows Gut Directed Hypnotherapy (GDH) to be effective long term

Since that review, researchers have completed a well-designed, rigorous study of hypnosis, recently published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology.3 The researchers compared the effects of 12 sessions of GDH to the effects of 12 sessions of supportive psychotherapy, randomly assigning 45 participants to each group. The study authors found that, compared to the control participants, members of the GDH group showed significantly greater positive effects on IBS symptoms, including original symptoms of loose stools, hard stools, pain, bloating, gas, urgency, and incomplete evacuation. Further, the participants maintained these improvements when researchers followed up with them after one year, suggesting that GDH therapy may have an enduring effect. -Canadian Society of Gastrointestinal research 

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We helped her find relief with our natural treatment!

After years of wrestling with Restless Leg Syndrome and trying to figure out what was the cause, I turned to Hypno-Therapist, Sean Maness, for help. With his sessions and the “homework” required, I am finally enjoying some nights of good sleep, sitting through a concert with my legs being calm and still and stepping into my new normal of comfortable body and legs. Hypnosis works wonders when you do the work that it asks you to do.

Through the sessions, Sean guided me through some experiences with my Inner Wisdom to discover the cause back of my physical challenge. This is all about changing your brain pattern and belief system; basically the process helps you clear out wrong thinking and beliefs that keep you from experiencing your wholeness. As a minister, I I have learned that any kind of experience you wish to change must be changed in your thinking and your belief system. Hypno-therapy is a sure method to do that. -Lari G.

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