Improve your performance in speaking, business, sports, and music

All skills in life can be improved with practice. However, most of us focus only on physical practice, and completely ignore the mental side of things. Studies have shown that mental practice in conjunction with physical performance improves skill quickest.

Read on to find out how hypnosis can help you improve your level of performance in all areas of life.

Improve your public speaking skills

The vast majority of the population is fearful about public speaking. We all know the Jerry Seinfeld joke about how most people prefer to be in the casket rather than be giving the eulogy.  Because the fear of public speaking is a “learned” fear, it can be unlearned with hypnosis. Performance anxiety can also be helped with hypnosis. Discover how to be truly confident in front of a group of people!

Even if you don’t have a fear about public speaking, you can still use hypnosis to improve your performance. You might already know of some areas of your speaking you would like to improve. Maybe you’ve had some feedback on your speeches from Toastmasters. Or, perhaps your speaking coach has given you a few pointers you would like to establish as habit. Hypnosis is a great way to “get the instructions into your mind” so that you naturally perform in the most effective way for you.

Even if you don’t know how you might improve your speaking, hypnosis can help you discover what would help you become a more dynamic public speaker.

Whatever you are a business or professional speaker, I can help you reach your goals.

Boost your business

Would you like to earn more money in your business? Achieving significant business goals is what brought me to hypnosis in the first place. In 2004, I used self-hypnosis to quadruple my income in only 3 months! That was back when I was running my own music lesson studio.

In January 2017, I set the goal of doubling the income in my hypnosis business by April 1st. I didn’t double my income. I tripled it!

I will teach you the same mental techniques that I use to boost my sales. Whatever your business goal, I can help!

Improve your sports performance

The mind tells the body what to do. If you’re a serious athlete, why not direct the power of your mind to play better at your sport. It is said that many sports are 70-80% mental. So let me ask you, how much do YOU spend on the mental side of your game? Probably not nearly enough.

Let me show you how to use your mind to reach your athletic goals!

Improve Musical Performance

As a former professional musician myself, I am in a unique position to help you with your musical goals. Whether you would like to improve your technique, perform better under pressure, or unleash your full creative potential, I can help. Give me a call today.

Hypnosis has been called “the most powerful self-improvement technique known to man” by some authors. If you would like to achieve a significant goal or improve your performance in life, let me help. Click below to schedule a consultation.




by Sean Maness, CHP
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