It’s time to realize the truth about hypnosis

It’s time to for everyone to learn the truth about hypnosis!

I came across a press release by an Australian hypnotist on The title of the release is Time to Get Serious About Hypnosis. The release talks about the fact that the average person is afraid of hypnosis because of ridiculous performance tricks, and falsities perpetuated by popular culture. Such media makes a laughing stock out of a scientifically proven therapeutic technique. It muddies the waters between fact and fiction. It causes people to turn away from a method which could profoundly impact their lives.

I recently turned down the opportunity to do a “performance” at a wealthy businessman’s party. The opportunity was well paid, and I probably would have met a lot of interesting people. But, I do not regret my decision. I will not sell out. I got into hypnosis to help people, not to perpetuate the false notions of this powerful self-improvement method.

Why people are afraid of hypnosis

People are afraid of hypnosis because of the perceived loss of control of the people on stage. In my recent article comparing stage hypnosis to WWE wrestling, I wrote that much of the phenomena that you see during a stage show is not due to hypnosis at all. It’s due to expectation, behind the scenes trickery, and the exhibitionist nature of the show’s participants. The people onstage are not losing control. They are choosing to act like idiots because “hypnosis” gives them the perfect pretense to do so.

And don’t get me started on movies. Movies about hypnosis are so far from reality that they can be discredited by pointing out a few simple facts. One movie I saw recently was about a high-profile sports hypnotist who was paid $2000 per session. Apparently, even at that price she couldn’t afford a chair for her clients and had them lie on the floor! My chair was the first thing I bought for my office even before I had a single paying client. It’s also interesting how the hypnotist always seems to turn out to be the villain – what a coincidence!

Hypnosis fiction distracts you from recognizing your true potential

Not to get too conspiratorial, but I believe these movies are a form of social engineering. Why is the media so hell-bent on keeping hypnosis in the realm of entertainment? It’s because hypnosis can actually help people, unlike most forms of entertainment. Not only does entertainment media NOT help people, it distracts us from recognising our true capabilities. If we all discovered that we are unlimited divine beings, we wouldn’t accept all the ridiculous things that are going on the world. We wouldn’t work in a boring unsatisfying job just to make a mega-corporation even more profitable. We wouldn’t accept anything less than our true potential in life.

Time to get serious

As a society, it’s time for us to grow up. We must recognise hypnosis for the scientifically proven tool that it is. We must discard everything else as pure fallacy. If you’re a hypnotist, which side are you on? Do you want to contribute to the betterment of society? Or do you want to be single-handedly responsible for turning thousands of people away from a technique that could immeasurably change their lives?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is nothing like you see in shows or on TV. Hypnosis is just a state of profound relaxation. Is is through this state of relaxation that the mind can more easily accept suggestions that you desire to implement.

Hypnosis has two branches, the first one is suggestion therapy. Suggestion therapy is the process of saturating both the conscious and subconscious mind with positive ideas. When accepted by the subconscious mind, these positive suggestions instill within you a natural motivation to take action on your goals. It also clears your intuitive channel, allowing you to access the part of your mind that already knows the answers.

The second branch is analytical hypnosis. This is the process of discovering the root cause of your difficulties, usually caused by past decisions you unconsciously made about yourself. It’s not always necessary to revisit the past to solve current problems, but it is a valuable tool in certain situations.

There are many tools for self-improvement. I’m not saying that hypnosis is right for everyone. However, whether you decide to use hypnosis or not, it is time to move past false notions of this powerful self-improvement tool. Remember, hypnosis is a state of relaxation that can help your mind to accept new ideas, solve problems, achieve goals, change habits, and much, much more.

by Sean Maness, CHP
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