Make the grade – WIN in the classroom with mental attitudes, study habits, and self-esteem

If you are an athlete or performing artist, you might also be a student. Because you have to pass to play, performing in the classroom is just as important as performing on the field.

Academic performance is a function of mental attitudes, study habits, and self-esteem.

Let’s talk about how hypnosis helps you improve your academic performance. Whether you want to improve study habits, learn faster, or retain more of what you learn, hypnosis can help.

Discovering your personal lie

I will help you discover your “personal lie.” A personal lie is something that isn’t true, but you believe it anyway. It is something you decided about yourself in response to an event. For the purposes of this article, let’s suppose that event is a student failing a class. After receiving a failing grade, our hypothetical student has two choices about what this event means.

  • “I failed this class because I am stupid.”
  • “I failed this class. It must mean I need change my study habits.”

Which conclusion is most likely to lead to better academic performance? Of course, it’s the second one. If you made the first choice, it doesn’t matter how hard you study. As long as that false program is running in your mind, you will continue to experience academic difficulty.

Improving academic performance, or anything else in life is a matter of consciously letting go of false beliefs.

Examining your beliefs about learning

What do you believe about your ability to learn? Do you make statements like, “I always forget the material on exam day,” or, “I’m a slow learner,” or even, “I just don’t have a head for numbers?” If you catch yourself making negative statements about your ability to learn, stop yourself. If you say to yourself, “I just don’t have a head for numbers,” your subconscious mind says, “Sure, boss, whatever you say.” Then, you experience the physical manifestation of the false belief, such as a failed exam, or other difficulties.

Study habits

To improve sports performance, you must practice. There’s no way around it. Similarly, to improve academically, you’re going to have to hit the books. But, you can’t just study any old way. You must study in the correct way. The first step in studying correctly is to see yourself as capable of learning the material.

How to improve study habits

The best way to improve study habits is to become aware of your current habits. You need to see how your study habits correspond to your current academic performance.

Student musicians use practice logs to record how they practice. By becoming aware of how they practice, their practice habits improve. The same method can be used for studying.

The study log

For at least 14 days, make note of:

  • How much you study
  • What you study
  • Your study environment (library or living room with TV on?)
  • Your study methods (flashcards, answering questions in the book, etc.)

Do you study at all?

Hey, it’s a valid question. One of the first things you might learn is that you study very little, if at all. Maybe you didn’t realize how little you study. If so, your log just helped you out! Maybe motivation is the issue, or maybe you just need to get into the habit of studying. Bring your log to your hypnotist’s office so you can program better study habits.

Learn easily and naturally

We all possess an extraordinary ability to learn quickly and easily. Hypnosis helps reorient you to your innate learning abilities. Learn to trust yourself and absorb new things easily.

Improve memory and retention

Hypnosis can also help with accelerated learning. You can improve your memory with simple instructions to the subconscious. Tim Simmerman Sierra (lead instructor at Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Albuquerque, New Mexico) did a demonstration of accelerated learning on the first day of class. First, the 30 students in the class introduced themselves individually. Tim didn’t make any notes during the introductions. After everyone finished, he rapidly recalled everyone’s name perfectly. He didn’t miss one person, fumble, or hesitate in the slightest. It was a great demonstration of accelerated learning and retention.

Conquer test anxiety

Test anxiety is a stumbling block for many students. It doesn’t matter how well you study if you let anxiety get the better of you. With hypnosis, you learn to keep your cool under stressful testing conditions. You will use specific techniques to remain calm and focused during the exam. Learn to pace yourself and work through the test with your nerves in check.

Get ready to WIN academically

If academic performance is jeopardizing your ability to compete in your sport, sign up for a free consultation today! Learn to perform just as well in the classroom as you do on the field!

by Sean Maness, CHP
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