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It Can Feel Like Your All Alone When You Have PTSD

It can be like your all alone even though you are surrounded by people that want to help. I am sure you can imagine what it would be like if you were free of flashbacks.How awesome would that be, what could you do or have more of in your life? Since most conventional methods do not actually cure PTSD what does?

Hundreds of our clients have discovered that using the PTSD Treatment Dallas System has vastly improved their lives 

Have you ever been to a theme park?

Have you noticed that at a theme park, some people are actually very grumpy. It is a place to have fun and they are grumpy. Where other people are having alot of fun.

Knowing this metaphor gives insight into how the mind works. It is very very subjective in its interpretation of “reality.” We can use this to our advantage.

Whether you realize it or not, you assign meaning to every event in your life. These meanings create a web that creates the very fabric of your reality. A belief is just a feeling of knowing that something is true. To resolve PTSD, you need to update your beliefs that are no longer accurate.

Holding a limiting belief at the subconscious level may cause someone to hurt or hate themselves in order to be congruent with that programming.

 The question is, how do you change your beliefs about the world and yourself so you can resolve flashbacks and resolve trauma?

Most people try to approach challenges of behavior with conscious mind approaches. This almost never works and it leads to most people becoming better with the current system of psychology. This is the case because the subconscious mind controls all behavior,because it controls all beliefs. Beliefs are the “deep operating systems” within the brain. It is your Microsoft or OSX operating system. Its time to write some updated code in your mind that creates a more empowering life.

Our proven PTSD Treatment Dallas system will help you resolve the negative past trauma associated with flashbacks and fear.*

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The Tools We Use In Our PTSD Treatment Dallas System


What The Experts Say About Hypnosis As A PTSD Treatment

Hypnotherapy has emerged as a credible, evidence-based treatment option for sufferers of PTSD

Wellness Institute

To understand therapeutic hypnosis is to comprehend the very nature of human miracles. While conventional medicine saves lives daily, by using hypnotherapy even more can be done to relieve suffering, speed recovery from injury, regain health from disease, and prevent illness.

Tim Simmerman-Sierra Co Director of the Hypnotherapy Academy Of America, Author, And Our Teacher For Integral Hypnosis 

What Can I Achieve With The PTSD Treatment Dallas System?

ptsd treatment dallas

  • Guaranteed Results In Writing with the PTSD Treatment Dallas System-You Will Not Get That Anywhere Else

  • Free yourself from flashbacks and nightmares*

  • Become emotionally free from your past*

  • Resolve insomnia*

  • Increase concentration*

  • Resolve triggers that lead to rage *

  • Stop overreaction in trigger situations by taking your control back*

  • Learn how to easily relax*

*(see below)

The Only PTSD Treatment Dallas System That Is Guaranteed Or Its Free

  • We are so confident that our proven PTSD Treatment Dallas system will work for you that we offer the Maness Hypnosis Guarantee.

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PTSD Treatment Dallas System Testimonial

“I had gotten to where I was very fearful and nervous when riding my horse. It was no longer fun and enjoyable to ride and I was at the point of giving up riding altogether. Horses are a big part of my life (we have 6) and the last thing I wanted to do was to give up. So instead I scheduled some sessions with Sean and Will at Maness Hypnosis. It was the best thing I could have done. I had positive results right away, I began to look forward to riding – was it perfect – no – but SO MUCH BETTER and gets better every day. Sean helped me re-focus and become more positive and confident when I ride. I went to a three day horsemanship clinic about a week before my last session. I had a great time and so did my horse! I was focused on riding and learning and enjoying the fellowship of the other clinic participants instead of being nervous. In fact, it wasn’t until it was over and we were on our way home that I realized I hadn’t been worried, or nervous or fearful at all during the entire clinic. What a great feeling that was! I would highly recommend working with Sean, he is very easy to work with and will help develop a plan that will get results your looking to achieve and will be there to support you in achieving them. “-Earline Loveall -Google Review 5 Stars *(see bottom of page)

PTSD Treatment Dallas System Testimonial

“In midlife I developed a fear of flying, something which I used to enjoy. When I planned a vacation to force myself to get on a plane, I considered asking my doctor for drugs. Instead, I scheduled some hypnosis sessions with Maness Hypnosis. Sean was very professional and knowledgeable. Not only did I have an enjoyable flight, but with an introduction to self-hypnosis I rediscovered how to be calm and focused–something I need in my hectic life! During my sessions I even had a couple of personal insights that I wasn’t expecting.” -Nora Lloyd Irving,TX *(see bottom of page)

PTSD Treatment Dallas System Special For Veterans Of The Armed Forces

ptsd treatment dallas

I have talked to and seen veterans both inside and outside my office with post traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately our government addresses this trauma from serving this country and protecting it by prescribing drugs which do not actually help resolve the trauma. Thy do what drugs do, they mask the symptoms. We are so dedicated to help the ones that have served our country we offer a special discount for veterans of the armed forces that want to work on post traumatic stress disorder.

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