Stressed out about your new job? 6 ways hypnosis can help

Today’s workplace is more demanding than ever. With budget and personnel cuts, people are having to wear multiple hats and accomplish more in less time.

Recently, this article outlined the challenges of Bradly Tarver, a new hire at WLTZ FIrst News team. The article talks about some of the challenges Mr. Tarver faced.  For example, he had to fulfill multiple duties in master control and production. He felt very stressed in the chaotic newsroom.

WLTZ decided to bring in a hypnotist to help their employees relax and deal with stress. The article describes how the newsroom employees were hypnotized. They were given suggestions to reduce stress and improve confidence. The result was that the employees were able to better deal with stress and be more successful in their jobs.

I thought the article would be an excellent starting point to discuss how hypnosis can help you adapt to a new job. Read on to find out how hypnosis can help you deal with stress and be more successful in your new position.

Reduce stress

Let’s face it, starting a new job can be stressful. You’re working in a new environment with new coworkers, new policies, and new procedures. The body’s stress response may save you from physical danger, but it doesn’t help much in the workplace. Stress will make it more difficult to succeed when you need to think on your feet. When you are under stress, less blood is flowing to your brain, making it more difficult to think clearly.

Hypnosis has the opposite effect on the body. Hypnosis induces the relaxation response. This natural response to hypnosis promotes balance in every bodily function. You will feel more mentally alert. You will be better equipped to come up with solutions in the heat of the moment!

The power of post-hypnotic cues

You might think that hypnosis can only help you relax AFTER work. However, thanks to post-hypnotic cues, the positive effects of your hypnosis session can be present days, weeks, and even months after your session. Aspects of your job that used to trigger a stress response can be reinterpreted in the mind. You can decide to feel resourceful and confident instead of stressed in certain situations. These cues function automatically, so they work even if you don’t think about them. Additionally, most hypnotists will teach you self-hypnosis so that you can experience the stress-relieving properties of hypnosis on an “as-needed” basis.

Learn new procedures faster

Part of the reason new jobs are stressful is because you have to learn new work procedures. Some of those procedures are likely very complex. Unfortunately, the harder you try to remember the steps, the more likely you will be to forget. Hypnosis can help you learn new procedures, and get them into the mind. This way, you will be more likely to spontaneously follow correct procedures. Such programming works equally as well if the task is complex. Sports hypnosis is based on the same principle. Many musicians and athletes use hypnosis to learn complicated techniques more quickly and easily.

Develop new strategies

You have probably heard the saying that you are your own best teacher. It’s really true! Part of you already knows all the answers. Hypnosis can be an excellent brainstorming tool to access new ideas on how to achieve your workplace goals. You can receive guidance from parts of your mind to which you normally wouldn’t have access. It’s a great way to creatively come up with new solutions to challenges at work.

Develop optimism for a successful future in your new job

You tend to get what you expect. So, if you are constantly concerned about your performance or being fired, what do you think is likely to happen? Every negative thought you have actually makes it more likely that you will perform poorly at work. When starting a new job, optimism is vital. You need to believe that you will learn the job quickly and have a long, successful future in your new position.

Hypnosis can help you with optimism because fear is just a bad mental habit. With hypnosis, you can retrain yourself to be an optimist. Studies show that optimists not only perform better, they also live longer!

Develop confidence

It goes without saying that you need confidence to succeed in any job. In the article I linked to above, the hypnotist told the new WLTZ employee: “If you feel any self-doubt, it will all drift away. Those feelings will clear from your memory like a stream. Every day you will feel better about yourself.” When you achieve an effective state of hypnosis, positive suggestions have the power to completely retrain the way you think and feel. This improves your self-image, and of course, your capacity to succeed in your new job.

A hypnosis case study

I would like to close this article by talking about a client I worked with recently. Let’s call him Jebb, which is not his real name. When Jebb came to me, he had recently been hired by a tech company. He was really stressed out because he had been fired from a similar job in the past. His stress levels were off the charts.

We worked on stress reduction, establishing new strategies and cues that would keep him calm throughout the workday. He also learned techniques to reverse his habit of worrying excessively about his performance. We used mental exploration to help him with new strategies in meetings.

Over several weeks he noticed gradual improvements in his job performance and lowered stress levels. After 10 sessions, he said that he would have been fired had it not been for the work we did together. Even his boss noticed the difference. 

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