Deep Relaxation (1.0)

Deep Relaxation is a guided self-hypnosis experience. Enjoy relaxing deeply and the natural stress-reducing benefits of hypnosis. Use this recording anytime you desire to enjoy a profound experience of deep relaxation.

When you listen to deep relaxation, you are guided on an inner journey where you learn to use the power of your mind to relax deeply.

You also receive instructions to return to this state of relaxation anytime you wish. Enjoy the journey within and receive valuable messages from your subconscious mind.


Track 1 – Deep Relaxation 37:36

Track 2 – Short Relaxation 19:58

Total Running Time – 57:34

Instructions for use: Listen anytime you desire to relax deeply. Listen to the short relaxation when you need to relax quickly, and the deep relaxation when you want the full experience. Listen often, and you will notice of benefits of relaxation in your daily life. 

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Build Confidence Now! (b.1)

Confidence is the feeling that you will be successful in any given endeavor. For true confidence to be present, there has to be a basis for it. This basis is past experience. When you are successful, it feels good because you are reinforcing your positive beliefs.

These positive feelings motivate you to engage in more success-producing behaviors in the future, leading to even more confidence. This powerful program helps you reunite with the successful you. Build Confidence Now! is about gathering the resources you need to generate the feelings, behaviors, and attitudes of true confidence.

Track 1 – Program Introduction 7:25

Track 2 – Introduction to Self-hypnosis 4:47

Track 3 – Confidence Session A 20:08

Track 4 – Confidence Session B 21:00

Track 5 – Step into confidence now 9:23

Total Running Time – 63:11

Instructions for use – This program is for people who are highly committed to increasing confidence. Start by listening to the first two tracks once. Then listen to track 3, 4, and 5 in order. After that, start each day with track 5. Later in the day or in the evening, listen to either session A or B, alternating them daily. Continue the program for 30-60 days, and watch your confidence skyrocket!

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