What can you achieve with hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the ultimate self-improvement method.

Hypnosis allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind. Such communication enables you to program yourself for certain goals, behaviors, and attitudes. When your mind is programmed for a goal, it sets the law of attraction in motion, which brings your goal into physical existence.

You already have the resources you need to accomplish any goal or solve any problem. There is unlimited potential inside you just waiting to be unlocked.

Despite this potential, we may still fall short of our goals. What stands in the way is limiting programming – negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Amending such programming paves the way for a smooth journey to goal achievement.

My specialty

I specialize in helping athletes and performing artists use their minds to perform better. As a trumpeter for over 20 years now, I have first-hand experience in the challenges that musicians and athletes face. My extensive experience as a performer, and my knowledge of hypnosis puts me in a unique position to help my clients.

Even if you are not an athlete/performer, we can still work together. Hypnosis helps many people with a wide variety of issues. If you don’t find your goal/issue on the list below, contact me to discuss how I might assist your personal growth journey. For each application listed below, click on the bold headings for more information.

Overcome performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common complaint among performing artists, athletes, and public speakers. With hypnosis, you learn to ease your anxiety and enjoy your time on stage. Athletes will maintain a state of relaxed concentration even during the big game.

Achieve your goals

Have you ever set a goal, then got sidetracked or lost interest? We all have! Hypnosis helps you maintain interest and motivation to work on your goal. When working with your goals, we start by crafting a goal that is SMARTER – Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-sensitive, Enthusiastic, and Rewarding. (From Business Mastery by Cherie M. Sohnen-Moe, 4th Ed.) Then, we program your mind to achieve your goal, including specific action steps. You agree to take these steps between visits, adding an element of accountability to the process.

Study with the best coach in the world

We explore your playing from different perspectives. You will discover solutions to problems and gain valuable insights. Get advice on your playing directly from your subconscious mind. No one knows your playing like you do!

Perfect your technique

Playing with optimal body mechanics is important in every sport. Improper mechanics results in inefficiency, or even injury. Use hypnosis to refine your technique, or get your coach’s advice into your mind. Whether you are looking to change habits, or approach your practice in a more natural way, hypnosis is an effective tool.

Improve your self-esteem to play your best

Self-esteem couldn’t be more important for performance-oriented individuals. Sometimes, just feeling better about yourself is all it takes to reach the next level in your playing. We use a multitude of techniques to conquer fear, abolish self-doubt, and feel great about yourself!

Make the grade

Many athletes and performing artists are also students. To achieve on the field, you must first achieve in the classroom. With hypnosis, you study smarter, not harder. You enjoy easy, natural, and effective learning.

Discover the meaning of your dreams

If you are ready to explore your spiritual nature, dreams are a great place to start. Together, we decode the important elements of your dreams. You then apply what you learn to your waking life. You can even dream your way to better sports performance!

Slim down to your ideal weight

Are you tired of the diet roller-coaster? Say good-bye to dieting forever! Release the emotions that keep you clinging to food for comfort. Embrace a healthy lifestyle and feel great about the way you look!

Become a forever non-smoker

Are you ready to quit smoking….for good? Take control of your life and eliminate what keeps you lighting up. We don’t focus on breaking the habit of smoking. Instead, we replace smoking with healthy lifestyle habits.

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