8 Things To Beware Of When Choosing A Dallas Hypnotist

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I know you are searching around and maybe you are not sure who to work with in terms of a hypnotist. I will reveal 8 little-known facts about the hypnotists in Dallas, that will save you a lot of money, even if you don’t work with us.

  1. Most hypnotists have 100 hours of sub-par training. Many times, it is
    online only. This is an extremely poor skill-set for working with clients, this is why most hypnotists in Dallas cannot get you results.
    You must choose a hypnosis professional that can prove their hours of training and that can prove they have successfully worked with clients (check reviews online). Sean and I are currently the highest rated Hypnosis Practitioners in DFW on Google(Maness Hypnosis) and we have over 1800 hours of supervised training as well as years of proven success with clients. We received our initial training from the top school for hypnosis in the world, The Hypnotherapy Academy Of America. 
  2. Most hypnosis practitioners only know one way of helping a client get into hypnosis. So many clients think they have “failed”, when in fact the poorly trained hypnotist is the one who failed to get good training. You must choose someone who was approved by the International Board Of Hypnotherapy. This is the only board that requires 5 times the national average in supervised training and also tests people on their ability to use many methods to get clients in hypnosis.
  3. The ineffective hypnosis practitioners do not have a satisfaction guarantee
    backed by their hypnotherapy board.
    There is only one board that offers this –
    The International Board Of Hypnotherapy. We go above and beyond, we have a money back guarantee plus $1000 in cash of you are not thrilled with your results.
  4. Almost every Dallas Hypnosis Practitioner is trained to read scripts to clients in hypnosis. They are not trained to write custom scripts for every client. Generic scripts have been proven much less effective because everyone’s issue is unique and must be addressed as such. You must choose someone that can do this because your subconscious mind more easily accepts suggestions that match your way of speaking. International Board Of Hypnotherapy members are taught and tested on writing custom scripts. At Maness Hypnosis, we use custom scripts we write with you to create the most effective processes possible.
  5. Many hypnosis practitioners do not give you custom recordings or teach you
    If you want to change for good, you need to be able to reinforce the sessions you do with a professional. If a hypnotist does not provide these things to you, you will get subpar results. You will also become reliant on their sessions. This is unethical on their
    part, so watch out for those they do not give you these benefits.
  6. Many Dallas Hypnosis Practitioners offer dramatic “1 session cures” which prove ineffective in the long term. The change process can be achieved in a relatively short time, but 1 session is not enough. Most hypnosis professionals rely on aversion therapy for these 1 session cures, which is ILLEGAL for any unlicensed mental health practitioner (counselor or psychologist). Not only is it illegal, it does not address the underlying cause, meaning the person generally returns to their old ways.
  7. Many Dallas Hypnosis Practitioners work on HIGHLY ILLEGAL topics with
    Challenges that hypnosis practitioners (that are not licensed counselors–99% of all hypnotists) cannot work on include: diagnosed depression, ADD, diagnosed anxiety disorder, mental illness of any kids, alcohol or drug addiction (smoking, sugar, food is ok). Call me to see if hypnosis can help you with your challenge.
  8. Many Dallas Hypnotists work out of their house and are not HIPAA compliant. This means they are helping identity thieves steal your identity by not storing your files securely. Not storing client files properly is ILLEGAL under federal law. At Maness Hypnosis, we work from a professional office in Las Colinas where your files are kept secure.

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