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How to Stop "Going Blank" and Boost Your Confidence In Front of Your Boss

Quick and easy strategies that communicate to your boss that you’re effective and promotable, every time you give a presentation.


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5-Star Rated Dallas Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Programs By Award-Winning Dallas Hypnotist, Sean Maness
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  • 4 proven & simple secrets to instantly quiet your mind and stay in the present moment.
  • How to use the preparation “secrets” of top performers to make your presentation look effortless.
  • In 30 seconds or less, using 2 fingers, you’ll be able to put yourself in a “state” of energetic excitement or calm confidence...whatever the situation calls for.
  • How to guarantee your presentation is ready for “prime time.” (Making you immune to worry and overwhelm forever.)
  • 3 keys to eliminate the fear of what other people think of you.


  • One weird technique that helps you instantly “bounce back” from any mistake during your presentation. (This “fail-safe” method can be applied in seconds and you’ll never have to worry about failing in front of your boss again!)


Hi, I’m Sean Maness, Owner & COO of Maness Hypnosis.

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in helping managers speak with unshakable confidence in presentations, consistently get pay raises and promotions, and take back control of their career and lives.

I own the number one rated hypnotherapy practice in the State of Texas and I have helped thousands of managers and leaders (some of which couldn’t speak in public at all) speak with confidence and effectiveness in 12 weeks or less. I am the “secret weapon” of managers who receive promotions and pay raises year after year.

So if you are sick of feeling anxious, and medications or traditional therapies haven’t helped you at all, then pay very close attention to this message.

You see…for 20 years I was a professional trumpet player and a member of one of the highest-paid orchestras in Japan where I performed in front of 3000 people regularly on live T.V. with zero anxiety.

It was there that I discovered the five essential keys of “maximum performance” that ACTUALLY determines how confident you appear in meetings, which 99.9% of public speaking courses and therapies completely ignore.

I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t invent these. I observed what top performers did to perform confidently on a consistent basis. It was similar across all fields (speaking, acting, music, etc). I closely guarded this “secret” of mine for years and my career skyrocketed as a result.

After retiring from a 20-year career as a classical musician, I became a hypnotherapist, and I shared the very same “peak performance” techniques with my clients so they could speak with confidence in meetings and presentations. The results were simply amazing.

I have spent the last 10 years sharing these keys to “maximum performance” that helped me:

  • Go from an anxiety-ridden musician who couldn’t play in front of anyone, to a member of one of the highest-paid orchestras in Japan.
  • Meet and exceed the expectations of the owners of the orchestra year after year.
  • Speak with confidence in front of over 300 people (at a time) teaching my techniques to hypnotherapists and therapists.

I’m so excited to share one of my “maximum performance” strategies with you today. For a limited time, you can get my free 1 hour training “How to Stop "Going Blank" and Boost Your Confidence In Front of Your Boss”.

All you have to do to get this training delivered to your inbox is click the button below that says “I Want To Boost My Confidence Now!”

To your success,

Sean Maness


"I No Longer Worry About What Others Think Of Me"

I was feeling unconfident and not trusting myself. Because of this, I wouldn’t follow through with things or do what I needed to do. I was also tolerating things from other people that really bugged me. Now, I feel more in touch with my needs and more willing to express them. It feels so good asking for what I want from other people. I like that I have a more confident swagger. I’m doing what I feel like doing without worrying about what other people think. I’m being the authentic me, rather than the filtered version that didn’t used to express anything. My wife has also been responding to my requests and it’s improved my marriage.

Grant Flander

“I Have Much Less Anxiety And I Got A New Job That Pays Me A Much Higher Wage”

I was extremely anxious and mentally running in circles before doing sessions with Sean. I sabotaged myself for 6 years and only applied to jobs that paid me less than I was worth. Since working with Sean, I got a new job that pays me a much higher wage because I have a higher level of self-worth and confidence than before. I am much calmer, my mind is clearer; and I have much less anxiety (a huge issue before). I also make decisions quickly and easily. I worked with Sean over a year ago and what we worked on has really stuck. It was worth every penny!

Shanelle Tennyson

I’ll Be Going Through My Day And Notice Being Relaxed In Situations That Would Normally Wind Me Up”

A couple of my trusted friends have been helped by Sean, so I called. I have some ingrained habits of running through my days in high gear and self-sabotaging through emotional eating and drinking. Sean has helped me start to visualize better outcomes vs immediately expecting the worst. I’ll be going through my day and notice being relaxed in situations that would normally wind me up.

Even though I work from home now, I tend to work very long hours and work right through breaks, always in high gear. He’s given me tools to help me interrupt these habits and take better care of myself. I am enjoying my days more, have better energy at the end of the day and (dare I say) more pleasant to be around.

Martha Touchstone

“Even My Boss Noticed And Appreciated My Greater Output"

I was having a lack of clarity in my thinking and I wanted to be more productive. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would work or if the service was worth investing in. I now have more focus and plan my time more effectively. I have been getting my projects at work done much quicker. Even my boss noticed and appreciated my greater output. I now have much more time to pursue dating because I’m getting more done and I feel like I have a greater support network of friends.

Bill Thompson

Communicate to your boss that you’re effective and promotable, every time you give a presentation.
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