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confidence hypnosis
Confidence Hypnosis Expert: Sean Maness C.H.P

Are you looking for confidence hypnosis?

You are here. In this article, I am going to answer your questions about confidence hypnosis.

My name is Sean Maness. And, thus far, I have performed several thousand confidence hypnosis sessions.  I’ve worked with and achieved success with people that started out with ZERO CONFIDENCE.

I have helped hundreds of people successfully use hypnosis to become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

 Hypnosis is a revolutionary tool to help YOU become powerfully self-confident.

“Last Time I Spoke In Front Of An Audience, I Forgot What To Say And I Was Publically Humiliated…

I think we have all been in a situation where we had to speak publically and it didn’t go well. That was nothing compared to one of my previous client’s experience. We were talking at his consultation and he told me “Last Time I Spoke In Front Of An Audience, I Forgot What To Say And I Was Publically Humiliated…

I asked him to tell me more and he mentioned that the whole room laughed at him after a 30-second hesitation he had, it seemed to last a lifetime. Come to find out this gentleman had experienced years of unconfidence at work, with women, and with family. “I swear I have missed out on asking for a promotion about 5 times since I have been with my company” he said. “It is almost like I don’t believe I am worthy of it, Can you fix me?”

I went on to tell him that we don’t “fix anyone”, we help people heal themselves. Unlike going to a psychologist or counselor, we work on specific goals and there won’t be a lot of talking about the problem. There is no need since we are solution focused instead of problem focused.

We are not going to do a bunch of tests to prove that you are unconfident, nor will we be talking on a couch for a year about your current lack of confidence. We will be goal focused and use powerful, proven techniques to help resolve these unconfident feelings and help you become more confident in as little time as possible.

After we did sessions he had this to say “I wish I would have done this sooner, I can’t believe I spent 10 years being so mild-mannered. Hypnosis gets to the root of the issues and helps you overcome them quicker than I thought I could.”

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The Same Confidence Hypnosis System I Use With Clients, Helped Change My Beliefs From The Inside Out

I know what it is like to be the monkey in the room and lack self-confidence. I spent years of my life not getting dates, being picked on in school, and overall I was just miserable. I discovered the secret and it was how I was able to turn all of that around. It is simply amazing and I cannot wait to tell you what it took me 10 years of my life to figure out.

Our self-confidence hypnosis system is derived from the same strategy I used to gain the confidence to go from my parent’s basement to playing in two of the top orchestra’s in the world. I had to go to many auditions and perform with absolute confidence. It was during this time that I started to form this confidence hypnosis program.

Real Confidence Does Not Come From “Acting Confident” It Comes From Confidence Hypnosis

Most people use conscious mind approaches to increase self-confidence. We focus on helping you change your belief system about yourself. This leads to inner self-confidence, not outer bravado, which most people think of as confidence. True confidence comes from high self-esteem and positive beliefs about yourself. That is what our confidence hypnosis program can do for you.

All Of Life Requires Self Confidence To Get What You Want

Can you think of anything that does not require confidence? If you want to get hired anywhere, even as an introvert, you have to believe in yourself. If you want to get a high-quality relationship, you must be confident in yourself to get a high-quality partner. If you want to start a business, you have to do things differently than most people to succeed, which takes massive confidence. Getting anything you want in life, requires deep confidence. This is what our confidence hypnosis program is designed to help you achieve.

What The Experts Say About Confidence Hypnosis…

The only way to permanently change your level of self-confidence is to work with the unconscious to release limiting beliefs and install more positive, confident beliefs. … Both NLP and hypnosis speak the language of the unconscious and communicate directly with it. -Psychology Today Blog

Benefits Of Our Confidence Hypnosis Program

  • Believe in yourself from the inside out
  • Speak confidently in public
  • Set firm boundaries with people in your life so that you more easily achieve your goals
  • Exude REAL confidence from the inside out
  • Attract more attention from romantic partners
  • Freedom from what other people think about you 
  • Increase your self-esteem rapidly
  • View yourself more positively

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Our Confidence Hypnosis Program Is The #1 Rated In Dallas/Fort Worth On Google 

“They literally changed my life!”

I had been struggling with emotional eating and lack of self-esteem and confidence for years. Sean and Will have done an amazing job helping me overcome these issues. Some of the benefits include me being able to stick to my food plan and I now feel more confident and stronger. I feel like I now have the tools and resources to accomplish anything I want. Having tried so many different things in the past, I wasn’t sure this was going to work. But I am very glad I gave this a try. I’d most definitely recommend hypnosis with Sean and Will for everyone who is struggling with an issue they haven’t been able to get help for. They literally changed my life! Thank you, Sean and Will!

Manoela Munoz
5 Star Google Review April 2018

“I feel more positive, confident, relaxed, and happier.”

I highly recommend Sean and Will! My family and I have been working with them and I think is one of the best investments we have made! It has improved my life in many ways including, in my relationship with my husband  and setting boundaries with my kids. As a Mom we normally put ourselves in last place. Also, they helped me feel better about unresolved situations with my parents. I feel more positive, confident, relaxed, and happier. This has helped me to be a better Mom and wife.

Susana S.
5 Star Google Review June 2018

” I Am Confident And Well On My Way.”

I was feeling overwhelmed and scattered about a goal I am trying to achieve. With each session I had with Sean, I felt more at peace. Now after six sessions, I feel more focused and motivated on what I need to do. Instead of trying to control so much of how I think things should be, I find myself listening to what I need to do in each moment. This is huge for me. I feel more relaxed and carefree. I am confident and well on my way. Sean helped me get even more clear about the goal and he gave me a recording with therapeutic suggestions so I can continue to practice on my own. I really appreciated this gift because it is going to help me get in the habit of practicing daily. In my experience, I see many benefits of doing 6 sessions because with each session I uncovered more about myself that I might have missed otherwise. I recommend Sean’s services! Thank you so much, Sean, for helping me!


Jamie Broaddus
5 Star Rated

“I Am Profoundly Amazed By This Mind Shift And I See Many New Paths Before Me”

[since completing my sessions] I have interviewed with 5 airlines and believe or not, I got a job offer from Express Jet! I plan on going to training at the end of February for 4 weeks. If they hold true to their promise to base me at DFW, I will be flying the friendly skies by the end of March!
I am so grateful for your keen insight on how the brain processes information. I would never have believed how easy it is to change one’s life around by merely repeating the same thought over and over until gradually it becomes a belief you can easily hold and not question. I am profoundly amazed by this mind shift and I see many new paths before me. I truly feel like I am a new, improved version (or perhaps not new or improved but just a remembered, revitalized version) of myself. You have a gift for bringing a calm, relaxed demeanor to the sessions and I found them uplifting and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more sessions in the future. Surely this world is blessed to have individuals like yourself to guide us through the maze of understanding who we are and allowing us to enjoy all this life has to offer!
Pamela Rohan
5 Star Review

“It Was An Honor And Privilege To Work With Sean.”

It was an honor and privilege to work with Sean. Sean’s professional demeanor in collaboration with his knowledge and counsel of hypnotism and the inner workings of the mind revealed some great insight that now allows me to further my work without the confusion that existed within me. Sean helped me clear some of the unknowns and my fears surrounding my career path as an entrepreneur and leader. Sean laid out a plan for me that I follow each day to ascertain my belief in myself along my chosen path.

Many thanks for the listening, discerning, and objective approach with identifying an underlying need that existed within me. I thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy my work with Sean and am happy to refer others to him who might need some assistance with uncovering those hidden barriers and/or fears that we create within ourselves. For it is that when those dissipate, we can move forward rapidly and successfully along our path.

Tanya D. Holland
5 Star Review

Ashish Khandelwal

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