Does Hypnosis Work?

does hypnosis work


Does Hypnosis Work? It is the equivalent of asking if Google works

Google is a search engine. Your brain is also a search engine and hypnosis is the direct access to the google search screen of your mind. You communicate with google by asking it questions back and forth ’till you find a solution, just like the subconscious mind.

You can get on google and search for things that are constructive and help you achieve your goals. Or you can search for cat videos. Hypnosis is a state of mind, characterized by focused attention, relaxation, etc. It is not beneficial in an of itself. What you focus on while in this state can range from life changing/positive, to neutral, to dangerously detrimental. Does hypnosis work? Well hypnosis is a state of mind, it depends on if you use it for beneficial purposes or not. Hypnosis is like fire.

You can does hypnosis workuse fire to burn a house down.

Negative States Of The Hypnotic State

  • The trance you are in while you take in the fearful messages of the news/ talk radio and political banter (all designed to scare you into being reactive)
  • Watching a violent movie/T.V in a focused trance like state
  • Getting angry and arguing with someone (any peak emotion creates a trance where the external environment is less “in focus” and we go inside ourselves. That is what a trance is.)
  • Negative Self Talk

does hypnosis work



Neutral Uses Of The Hypnotic State

  • Highway Hypnosis              (a mental state in which a person can drive a truck or other automobile great distances, responding to external events in the expected, safe and correct manner with no recollection of having consciously done so.-Wikipedia
  • Daydreaming
does hypnosis work
In a hypnosis session at Maness Hypnosis.


Or You Can Use The Fire To Cook A Meal

Positive Uses Of The Hypnotic State

  • Working with a highly trained member of the International Board Of Hypnotherapy one-on-one to change your limiting beliefs to achieve goals and overcome limiting patterns of behavior.
  • Reading a positive self help book (reading a book involves a light focused trance)
  • Meditation (a light form of trance, basically hypnotherapy with trance only and none of the positive programming or releasing of past traumas)

Does Hypnosis Work Explained

It turns out to fully understand if hypnosis works, you must define what it is.

Hypnosis is Natural

  • It is not supernatural and it is within everyone’s nature to go into hypnosis
  • Anyone, even Forrest Gump can go into hypnosis. There is not a person that cannot go into hypnosis. It is a state of mind not a magic trick.
  • Hypnosis has been used everywhere and throughout human history to help people condition their minds for positive change and release negative patterns of behavior. The Greeks and Egyptians used sleep temples where they used hypnosis to help others heal.

Hypnosis Is A State Of Mind

  • It occurs when we take our focus off the external environment and into the internal subjective environment. In other words, going deep inside yourself is hypnosis.
  • This state of mind gives you access to a unique problem solving intelligence.

The Critical Factor–The Skeptic Of The Mind (The same part that asks, does hypnosis work?)

does hypnosis work
The Skeptic asking “but does hypnosis work?”


The skeptic of the mind is always asking for “proof” for you to believe something. If a new idea or thought is introduced to you the skeptic gets up from his science books and goes to work. The proof it looks for is in the records of your mind. It sifts through all the video, audio files,and feelings you have felt in the giant library of your mind. Whether the new ideas are good for your or not, it does not matter.

He is concerned with whether or not it is similar to what has happened in the past. If the new idea disagrees with what the “proof”of the past, it does not let it pass into the deep part of the mind (subconscious mind). He throws it out of the library. This idea cannot be acted upon effectively and action does not flow from it. This explains why most great ideas never get used.

When you go into the state of hypnosis, the skeptic is softened. We distract him by giving him something to soften him up….shelter dogs. While he is petting these cute little shelter dogs, he no longer has to “prove” the positive ideas we create together for your benefit.

Hypnosis Takes Some Practice

The first time you go into hypnosis it may be light and it may take a while. After you become what we call, hypnotically sophisticated, you will be able to go into hypnosis almost instantly. It is a skill that can be learned quickly when training with an expert. A skilled hypnotist will be able to show you ways to trigger the state of hypnosis faster and deeper than you thought possible.

Since We Answered Does Hypnosis Work. The Next Step Is The Benefits Of Doing Hypnosis With A Professional

  • Increased Intuition- You will have a closer connection to the divine truth within you that will point you in the best direction for your life.
  • Motivation- Unlike computers, humans need motivation to carry out a plan. With hypnosis you can fully discover the motivations you need for you to be motivated.
  • Meeting Emotional Needs – People do things for a reason.They ultimately are trying to meet an emotional need, like the desire to feel important or loved. Working with a professional helps you better meet these needs in a more empowering way.
  • Program Your Mind For A Specific Goal– Your mind responds to specific instructions. If you program the instructions for the goal and believe its possible, you will move towards it.

Now That You Know Hypnosis Always Works.

Do You Consider Yourself An Adventurous Person?