How To Motivate Yourself From The Inside Out

how to motivate yourself

I went into Starbucks the other day. There was a woman ordering the largest size Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. At 520 calories, this drink could have replaced an entire meal!  This woman was also noticeably overweight. In fact, I would estimate that she was overweight by about 100 pounds.

What she said next almost made me jump out of my socks “make that with EXTRA HEAVY CREAM!”, she said. Good lord, I thought. Extra heavy cream? Really? She, of all people, does not need EXTRA HEAVY CREAM! What is she trying to do to herself?

Let me ask you a question, would you think of this woman as highly motivated? Most people wouldn’t. But, let me tell you something you might find shocking. This person is one of the most highly motivated people I have ever seen in my life! She is motivated, in fact! She is motivated to pack on as much weight as possible, and Frappuccino herself into an early grave.

What motivates her to do so? Is it the flashy and alluring photos at Starbucks? Did she read somewhere that extra heavy cream is the new spinach? Did someone tell her that she must drink as many fat laden chocolate shakes as possible or her cats will be executed? Of course not! She’s motivating herself to do this and she’s doing it brilliantly! I just hope she’s pleased with the results.

How does this woman motivate herself so brilliantly to pack on the pounds? Well, she does is by ignoring stress, having low self-esteem, and repeating the same negative thought patterns to herself like a broken record.

How to motivate yourself? You don’t need to! You’re already motivated!!

How to motivate yourself can be as elusive as finding the fountain of youth or the Holy Grail. But the Holy Grail of motivation is within yourself.

Let’s think about a fictional character named Bill. He wants to lose weight. Let’s suppose Bill comes into my office and says “I don’t DO what I WANT to do,” I just sit there on my fat lazy butt when I’d like to be on the treadmill burning fat.” I tell him that he has NO PROBLEM with motivation. How could that be?

What’s Bill’s first problem? He’s giving himself a powerful suggestion with the words “fat” and “lazy.” Because Bill habitually refers to himself in this derogatory manner, he is highly motivated to get even fatter and lazier every day! By his negative self-talk, he is hypnotizing himself to continue this negative behavior!

But, what if Bill did things differently? What if he woke up every morning, looked in the mirror and said: “Bill, you stud, you are a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!” At first, nothing would happen. But, if he continued to repeat that new message to himself, he would start to feel better.

Then, he would start to feel like getting on that exercise bike. Before too long, he would be peddling like an honest Lance Armstrong! He’s just as motivated as before, but now, he’s motivated towards doing the things that he WANTS!

See how this works? By changing the old “tapes” that run in his mind, Bill is able to motivate himself to exercise. How to motivate yourself? Change your self-thoughts!

how to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself? Start by changing your mindset

Life is so simple if you think about it. To be skinny, you need to do the things that skinny people do. This is why motivation is important: If you want to achieve specific results, you need to do specific things that LEAD TO those results. And you have to do those things on a CONSISTENT basis! It takes MOTIVATION to do that!

If you’re thinking about how to motivate yourself, here’s the missing piece of the puzzle: If you want to be skinny, you need to THINK the THOUGHTS that skinny people think. Do you think that Michael Jordan ever thought about what a lazy bum he was? Of course not! Did Steve Jobs ever tell himself that he was all out of ideas? No way! Yet, we tell ourselves these things then wonder why we don’t have any motivation.

The truth is this: Everyone is motivated based on their thoughts and emotions! When you think positive things about yourself, you feel good! Those good feeling produced by your positive thoughts is how to motivate yourself.

What about external ways of how to motivate yourself?

All motivation comes INTERNALLY from a positive mindset. Trying to motivate yourself externally is like trying to push a locomotive uphill with your bare hands. It’s not going to happen, no matter how hard you try. Let’s take a look at some typical sources of external motivation and why they don’t work.

Motivational speakers

Have you ever gone to hear a motivational speaker? You walk out of the talk feeling great, ready to follow through on all their positive advice. Then you go home and continue to live your life as you did before without making any changes. What happened? You paid thousands of dollars for the seminar, $600 for a manual that was supposed to tell you everything, but it was all information you already had! You have nothing to show for all of this. Why? Because you didn’t change your mindset! Tony Robbins himself could be in your living room telling you what to do. But unless you change your INTERNAL mindset, NOTHING will change.

Vision boards

As unpopular as I know I’m going to be for saying this, vision boards don’t work. I know the theory: You want to lose weight, so you put pictures of supermodels that are 20 years younger than you on your vision board. You think, “I’ll look at these pictures every day, then I’ll be motivated to exercise.” No, you won’t!

You’ll look at those pictures every day and think “Gee, I don’t look anything like those supermodels. I guess I’ll always be fat.” You’ll feel bad each time you look at the photos. As a result, the photos become a giant DEMOTIVATOR! Seeing pictures of skinny people won’t motivate you because you changed nothing INTERNALLY.

how to motivate yourself


Does money motivate? Nope! You may be able to motivate yourself short term with money, but it won’t last. Money is an external motivator. Again, without making the necessary internal changes, nothing will motivate you. Only you can motivate yourself from within.

How to motivate yourself with pain and pleasure

Aside from changing your mindset, pain and pleasure can be great motivators. How to motivate yourself? Think about the pain you will continue to experience by not changing. For example, if you’re a smoker, I bet if you vividly imagine your doctor telling you that you have lung cancer, you would be powerfully motivated to quit!

It works the same way with pleasure! What will quitting smoking do for you? Will it help you enjoy a long life with your grand kids? Will it help you save for that Hawaiian vacation? The more you think about the benefits, the more motivated you become! All people are motivated to move away from pain and towards pleasure.

Use pain and pleasure to your advantage. List all the bad things that will happen if you don’t  change. Then list all the good things that will happen if you do. Review this list daily and watch your motivation improve!

How to motivate yourself with WHY

Your values are a powerful motivator. Think about WHY you want to make changes in your life. When you answer this question, you are going to get a list of values, or things that are important to you. Ask yourself what is important to you about achieving your goal.

How to motivate yourself RIGHT NOW!

Start to motivate yourself by thinking about what you want. Next, think about what action you would need to take to achieve it. Think about what positive thought you would need to think to FEEL LIKE taking the action. Finally, ask yourself WHY you want to achieve your goal. Make a list of values and constantly remind yourself of the benefits you will receive. Visualize yourself already having these positive benefits. Stick with this exercise for 2-3 weeks and I guarantee that you will know how to motivate yourself!

Article by Sean Maness

I have been working with Sean and I have seen tremendous improvement in myself in terms of mindset after our sessions. Sean is a great person to work with, he is very patient, generous and always tries to add maximum value to his clients. I really enjoy working with him and I highly recommend you get their service and experience yourself.

–Angeline Wehmeyer Google Review January 2018

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