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hypnosis for anxiety
Hypnosis For Anxiety Expert: Sean Maness

Are you looking for hypnosis for anxiety?

You are in the right place. In this article, I am going to answer your questions about hypnosis for anxiety.

My name is Sean Maness. I have done thousands of hypnosis sessions in my career.

I have successfully helped hundreds of individuals resolve anxious feelings and worry with hypnosis.

 Hypnosis is a solid and proven approach to help you resolve your anxious feelings.

“Since The Relationship Fell Through I Have Been So Anxious, I Can No Longer Work”

I remember a particular client that came in, a middle-aged woman that seemed to have a lot on her mind. When she came in she explained that she wasn’t able to sleep very well since she had gotten a divorce. She said, “since the relationship fell through I had been so anxious, I can no longer work.”

She mentioned that her boss made her work from home because of the anxious feelings she was experiencing. At home, she was even more distracted by all the memories in the house where she had spent 25 years with her ex-husband. She was afraid of what this all meant, a middle-aged single woman with no kids. “ I feel like a lonely old grandma with no hope.”

I explained the hypnosis for anxiety program and how the subconscious mind influences all behavior. We would like to think we are in full control, but the truth is we make decisions about things subconsciously. Many times it sticks in the mind as a rule for decades and controls our behavior automatically.

Anxiety is actually self-hypnosis in a negative way — when you practice hypnosis, you reprogram the mind with different beliefs. I help people get to the root of the issue, I will help you resolve these anxious feelings, but I will also help you improve your self-esteem/ self-worth.

I asked, “would you like to see yourself as a stunning goddess instead of a lonely old grandma with no hope?”

“I would do almost anything to make that happen!”

After the whole process was over she mentioned “ I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner, I should’ve left him years ago. He’s gone and now I have a new life! I am leaving the old housewife part of me behind so I can live life to the fullest!”

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Hypnosis For Anxiety Addresses The Root Cause

It may come as a surprise, but anxious feelings don’t just happen. They have a cause, while it is slightly different for each person, there is a general cause.  People lose certainty that everything will be OK. Just like when someone we love is in the hospital, we start seeing the mental imagery of the WORST CASE SCENARIO. This is what we have been trained to do.

In many cases, if a person has anxious feelings, it is because they have a habit of creating worst case scenarios. We don’t help people “think positive” in the traditional sense, that doesn’t work. We help people make a habit out of seeing the world through a new set of eyes. New automatic subconscious habits are the key to silencing worry/anxiety.

Most people try to treat anxiety with conscious mind approaches. The conscious mind controls logic, the subconscious mind controls habits and behaviors. The difference between hypnosis for anxiety and other methods is simply that hypnosis addresses the root cause.

How To Know That Hypnosis For Anxiety Is Helping You…

I am practical.  I like to measure everything by RESULTS.

That means…

You know hypnosis for anxiety is working when you have less anxious feelings than you have before starting the program.

One recent client who was on her 4th hypnosis for anxiety session exclaimed:

“I wish I would have known about hypnosis 20 years ago! This has definately been an excellent investment in myself!”

Another woman in her 50’s said after using hypnosis for anxiety: “Overcoming anxious feelings is easy when you have the right tools for change.”

And another 40-Year-old man said, “Sean, I feel like you have given me my life back. In addition, I was definitely impressed with the customized, transformational program you developed to help me begin to tackle what has been holding me back in my life.”

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Benefits Of Our Hypnosis For Anxiety Program

  • Silence The Inner Critic For Good*
  • Resolve Anxious Feelings*
  • Relax Easier Than Meditation Alone*
  • Sleep Like A Baby*
  • Stop Worrying And Start Thriving*
  • Reduce Or Eliminate Fatigue From Anxious Feelings*
  • Develop A Deep Inner Confidence And Resilience*
  • Calm Confidence In Important Moments In Your Life*
  • Reduced Stress In All Aspects Of Life*
  • Work And Be With Family In The Present Moment*

What Our Clients Are Saying About The Hypnosis For Anxiety Program

“I Have Been Just Amazed at How Much It Has Helped Me Get Back On Track In My Life”- Ashish Khandelwal

“I have seen vast improvements in my progress in just a couple weeks.”

Maness Hypnosis can give everyone a great opportunity to improve themselves. I have struggled with depression and self-doubt for many years, which was holding me back from the artistic outlets I love, and curbing my career advancement. I felt powerless to overcome the demotivating feelings and constant anxiety that kept me from living my life the way I wanted. Maness Hypnosis was recommended to me by several friends who were looking to overcome addictive sweets, to stop smoking and deal with a crippling animal phobia. So, I made an introductory appointment.

Sean and Will are both professional and experienced in their practice. I feel that they are both committed and involved in helping me resolve my issues of demotivation and self-doubt. I have seen vast improvements in my progress in just a couple weeks. They take the time to clearly explain the process of how and why hypnosis works so that I understand and am comfortable with the exercises they recommend to help me improve. They have both worked to personalize my in-person sessions and self-hypnosis recordings to give me the best results. They have also been very accommodating with my request to change my appointment date and time, due to an increased weekday workload.

No one can gift me the life I want on a silver platter. But Sean and Will are helping me to find my own path, realizing my potential in order to move with confidence toward my goals. If you are interested in clearing your mental blocks and demotivational feelings in order to fulfill your life goals, you might consider hypnosis. And Maness Hypnosis is a powerful and positive partner you can call on to help. I would recommend them to anyone who is willing and interested in learning more about hypnosis, and how can improve their lives, as it is improving mine every day.

Thanks Sean and Will!

Erin Cole

“I Will Definitely Recommend Hypnosis With Sean and Will!”

Before using hypnosis I was under a high level of anxiety, stress and insecurity.
Through the recording that Sean made for me and the sessions with Will and Sean, I had a medical issue that I have been taking care of thanks to their work and dedication. You could work on any issues that you do desire with hypnosis. I will definitely recommend hypnosis with Sean and Will! This is the best I felt since that medical issue back in January 2017!

John A.

“Hypnotherapy Has Definitely Helped Me With Managing Anxiety And Increasing Assertiveness.”

Hypnotherapy has definitely helped me with managing anxiety and increasing assertiveness. After a few sessions, I was able to better understand what made me happy in life. I realized that most of my goals were driven from what was expected of me and not what I really wanted. I have become more authentic and honest in the way that I live. If you want permanent positive change then you need to change your negative beliefs. Hypnotherapy can help you discover and change those core beliefs that are preventing you from getting whatever it is that you want.

Leila Sabita

What Do I Do Next?

Despite not having met you yet, I know you are much stronger than you think. I know that you have deep reservoirs of potential within you, possibly genius, that has gone untapped. It is not your fault, because no one showed you the power of your own mind to create your own reality. The next step is a risk-free private consultation to see if we are a good fit. Call us or schedule below!

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