Hypnosis For Binge Eating And Emotional Eating From Our Five-Star Rated Dallas,TX Hypnotherapist Sean Maness

Eliminate Negative Eating Habits And Easily Create New Habits That Give You Back Control Of Your Life.

At our office in Dallas, TX, hypnosis for binge eating(and emotional eating) is among the top issues we help people with. Many of our clients have spent years or even decades enduring a negative relationship with food. Unlike many other approaches that rely on willpower, you will not need “willpower” to be successful with our approach. We will help you re-condition your mind to replace your reliance on food for comfort and replace it with new positive habits that will last for years to come.

Many approaches to hypnotherapy rely on making a person associate negative things to the food they enjoy to stop them from eating it. This often results in clients having unfulfilled needs and relapsing when they go without their favorite food for a few days or weeks. At Maness Hypnosis, our process is more holistic. Our program is designed to eliminate the triggers that drive you to eat and help you easily create new habits that help you meet your needs in a healthy way. This is the last program you will ever need to change your habit.

What People Experience Before Using Our Dallas, TX Hypnosis For Binge Eating And Emotional Eating Program

Most people attempt to go about habit change like this…

  • Every time they experience a hard day at work, they reach for their favorite comfort food (pizza for example). This helps them relax and de-stress.
  • They feel tired, sluggish, and ashamed. They get to the point where they are fed up with their own emotional eating.
  • As a result, they start trying to focus on changing this habit by simply trying to resist pizza, the food that used to help them de-stress. They try to eat food that is more healthy for them. They drive by their favorite pizza place after work everyday and have to use every ounce of their willpower to resist stopping and getting a deluxe pizza.
  • They do not pick another habit to replace food in order to help them de-stress in a healthy way.
  • After a few days or weeks of trying to follow through with healthy eating…they have a bad day and stop by the pizza place and binge eat the rest of the evening.

Have you seen friends and family members go through this vicious cycle? Do you recognize this pattern in yourself?

If so, it isn’t your fault. Most people believe this traditional approach will stop binge eating or emotional eating. It seems logical but it just doesn’t work this way.

Why Our Hypnosis For Binge Eating And Overeating Program In Dallas,TX Is The Perfect Solution For This Problem

Most people simply try to reverse a deeply rooted habit consciouslyIn the long run, if you simply try to consciously change your habits, you will repeat this frustrating, and often destructive cycle that I mentioned above, over and over again. In wood working, this is what they call “going against the grain”. Wood has a certain pattern and if you go against the grain when you cut into it, it destroys the wood. It happens the same way when changing your habits. Simply attempting to do the opposite of the old habit is “going against the grain” and it results in failure 99% of the time. Habits are like grooves in your brain and simply opposing the old groove is ineffective.

Our hypnosis for binge eating and emotional eating program in Dallas,TX seeks to first identify the need food is serving in a client’s life. Once that need is identified, we begin to systematically eliminate the mental and emotional triggers that causes a person to emotionally eat. At that point, we introduce a new habit that fills the same need and we help you fully integrate that habit into your life. Client’s walk away from our program with a new ingrained positive habit which is second nature to them and they no longer even have to think about performing it consciously. This is really the difference between our 5 step hypnotherapy system and all the other options that claim to “stop your binge eating and emotional eating”.

Here Just A Few Of The Benefits Of Our Dallas, TX Hypnosis For Binge Eating And Emotional Eating Program…

  • STOP the endless cycle of trying to “make yourself” change your unwanted habits with willpower.

  • Take back control of your life again by eliminating habits that degrade your self-confidence and self-worth.

  • Learn one weird technique that automatically reverses emotional eating so you only eat when you’re truly hungry.

  • Subconsciously program new eating and exercise habits– making it almost effortless to stick with them (Your friends will wonder how you stay so thin).

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5-Star Rated Dallas Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Programs By Award-Winning Dallas Hypnotist, Sean Maness

Stacey Salerno

hypnosis reviews5 stars

 I used to experience high levels of anxiety weekly, and I hardly notice feelings of anxiousness anymore. It is clear that Sean puts a lot of thought into how best to help his clients. He is well prepared every session with ideas individualized to my needs. I am beyond pleased at the progress I have seen from working with him. I am very thankful to him for helping me gain confidence and restore a sense of joy and calmness in my life again."

-Stacey Salerno-Dallas, TX Google Review 

Husna S.

hypnosis reviews dallas5 stars

"I’ve struggled with depression on and off for years, and up until recently, it had become almost debilitating. I had therapy but none of them really effectively got to the root of the problem. After just a few weeks of working with Sean, I felt a significant difference in my mood and motivation. I was able to come back to my interests of art and design after so long and was excited about life again after being held back by depression for so long. Sean is a great listener and really tried to understand you so as to give you the right help you need.”

-Husna S. Dallas, TX Google Review

Carrie May

5 stars

 “I am in my late 40’s and my weight was out of control. This program brought everything together for me. I am now down over 30 pounds! I could not have achieved what I did without this program.

I have been able to identify why I have a weight problem, and get to the root cause. Next, I was able to identify the emotional issues contributing to the problem and working through them. I now have the tools to move forward in a healthy and balanced way."

-Carrie May, Carrollton, TX Google Review 

Paige Verser

5 stars

 “I had just started a weight loss program and I knew based on past experience that my motivation wouldn’t last. I had a little hesitation about the price, but these are skills that will benefit me the rest of my life, so it was well worth it. Now, I am able to stop sabotaging myself. I’ve lost 33 pounds so far in conjunction with an eating plan and I’m still going strong."

-Paige Verser, McKinney, TX Google Review

Luke Waley

5 stars

 “Sean has been a huge help to me! I was having lots of trouble with anxiety and depression. Within 3-4 weeks, I noticed that my anxiety was basically gone. My depression has seen vast improvements as well. If you’re on the fence about this, I highly recommend you give it a try!"

-Luke Waley Dallas,TX Google Review

Liz Warner

5 stars

"I was having a lot of anxiety that stemmed from a previous abusive relationship. I was also having trouble sleeping, and focusing on the good things in my life. I am now able to see my problems from a totally different perspective. Before, I was anxious, distracted, and nervous, and now I am calm, focused, and happy. I use the mental conditioning Sean taught me as a daily tool to work through things I couldn’t work through before."

 -Liz Warner Watauga, TX Google Review

McKenzie Meloy

5 stars

"I was dealing with a paralyzing fear of flying. I had moved and cancelled two flights previously and I was concerned that this would happen again. After sessions, I have a much greater ability to gain control over my anxious thoughts.

I can now focus on the trip instead of the process of getting there. Even my parents have noticed that when I call them after hypnosis, I am now so much more relaxed. Before purchasing services, I had some doubts because it was unknown territory for me. However, it’s nothing like you’ve seen on TV or what you might think of it. I ended up doing hypnosis here because they did not present it as a quick fix, but as a process and one that I felt comfortable with."

- McKenzie Meloy 

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