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hypnosis for fear
Hypnosis For Fear Expert: Sean Maness C.H.P.

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You are in the right place. In this article, I am going to answer your questions about hypnosis for fear

My name is Sean Maness. And, as of 2018, I have hypnotized hundreds of individuals, performing several thousand hypnosis sessions. 

I have helped hundreds of people successfully use hypnosis to resolve even the most intense fears.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you resolve your fear or phobia.


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“When I Am Alone….I See My Molestor’s Face Haunting Me”

I work with many men and women who have experienced some extremely unfortunate events in their lives. One client comes to mind when I think of the fears/anxious feelings that I have helped others with.  A young man came in for a consultation one day and mentioned he had flashbacks. I told him I have an excellent track record for helping people resolve flashbacks and fears.

When he came into to talk with Will and I, he didn’t make any eye contact and his head was slumped over. He then preceded to tell me that his uncle molested him from age 5 all the way to age 16 without anyone knowing. He even mentioned that he could not bear the humiliation of his parent’s and family when they did not believe his story.

He was now older and growing into a man. His confidence was shattered and he seemed like he was out of options. He said “When I Am Alone….I See My Molestor’s Face Haunting Me.” 

He told me he had seen counselors, psychologists, and bodyworkers, with no improvement. This time a young man, working in a minimum wage job, was going to have to pay his own way. I won’t sell anything to anyone that I am not ABSOLUTELY SURE I can get results with. I looked in his eyes and promised him “you will either be thrilled with the results from this program or I will give you A FULL REFUND PLUS $1000 IN CASH.

That day was the birth of the Maness Hypnosis Guarantee and it was so inspiring, we kept it.

He mentioned afterwards ” I can’t believe this was so simple and easy. I wish I knew about you before my parents and I spent thousands of dollars on traditional psychotherapy!”

Hypnosis For Fear Is Different Than Other Methods

Most of my clients have tried many methods to resolve their fears/phobias/flashbacks and all of them have failed….Until NOW

The reason they have failed is that they all encouraged you to fight with your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis for fears is a totally different concept than talking through your problems. In fact, we spend very little time on the problem. We spend most of the time teaching you a revolutionary way to communicate with your subconscious mind so you no longer even think about the fear you once had.

You Need A Key To Open The Door Of The Subconscious 

Have you tried to make the flashbacks go away yourself? I know this first hand from the abuse I recieved earlier in life. I couldn’t ever make it go away. I saw many people that had all sorts of degrees that said they could help. I figured out REAL QUICK that results are all that matters. I hope you hold me to the same rule.

The subconscious mind controls all behavior, because it controls all beliefs. Beliefs are the “deep operating systems” within the brain. Its time to write some updated code in your mind that creates a more empowering life. Hypnosis is one of the only ways to change your beliefs reliably. 

The subconscious mind is not something most people know how to positively influence. Most of the youtube stuff you hear is complete garbage. They are contributing to the problem. At Maness Hypnosis we have 18 times the training of the average practitioner. We are also able to get great results consistently.


Hypnosis For Fear Testimonials

“We Were On Our Way Home That I Realized I Hadn’t Been Worried, Or Nervous Or Fearful At All”

I had gotten to where I was very fearful and nervous when riding my horse. It was no longer fun and enjoyable to ride and I was at the point of giving up riding altogether. Horses are a big part of my life (we have 6) and the last thing I wanted to do was to give up. So instead I scheduled some sessions with Sean and Will at Maness Hypnosis. It was the best thing I could have done. I had positive results right away, I began to look forward to riding – was it perfect – no – but SO MUCH BETTER and gets better every day. Sean helped me re-focus and become more positive and confident when I ride.

I went to a three-day horsemanship clinic about a week before my last session. I had a great time and so did my horse! I was focused on riding and learning and enjoying the fellowship of the other clinic participants instead of being nervous. In fact, it wasn’t until it was over and we were on our way home that I realized I hadn’t been worried, or nervous or fearful at all during the entire clinic. What a great feeling that was! I would highly recommend working with Sean, he is very easy to work with and will help develop a plan that will get results your looking to achieve and will be there to support you in achieving them.

Earline Loveall

“It Was Daily Torture For All My Life And Now I’m Surprised I Don’t Even Think About Them.”

I initially started hypnotherapy with the goal to get rid of a phobia (from an animal). I’m not completely fearless of it, however, I don’t obsess about it anymore. It was daily torture for all my life and now I’m surprised I don’t even think about them. Now I’m moving on to work on anger and the results are already noticeable by those around me. After many many years of working on myself with different types of therapy, I knew the fastest and greatest results would be to work directly with the subconscious mind. And these two gentlemen are the best.

Carlos Berlin

“I Rediscovered How To Be Calm And Focused”

In midlife, I developed a fear of flying, something which I used to enjoy. When I planned a vacation I used to force myself to get on a plane, I considered asking my doctor for drugs. Instead, I scheduled some hypnosis sessions with Maness Hypnosis. Sean was very professional and knowledgeable. Not only did I have an enjoyable flight, but with an introduction to self-hypnosis I rediscovered how to be calm and focused–something I need in my hectic life! During my sessions, I even had a couple of personal insights that I wasn’t expecting.

Nora Loyd

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What The Experts Say About Hypnosis For Fear

Hypnotherapy has emerged as a credible, evidence-based treatment option. It is interesting to note that phobic patients have been shown to be, on average, more hypnotizable than others. The essence of the phobic experience is not unlike that of the event of hypnosis, and the phobic experience might be a spontaneously occurring panic-filled trance-like or dissociative experience. Hypnotherapy assists the patient to learn more about his dissociative capacity and to learn to control it.

-Wellness Institute

What Can I Achieve With This Hypnosis For Fear Program?

  • Free yourself from flashbacks and nightmares*
  • Become emotionally free from your past*
  • Resolve trouble sleeping and start sleeping like a baby again
  • Increase concentration and focus*
  • Resolve triggers that lead to rage and aggressiveness*
  • Stop overreaction in trigger situations by taking your control back
  • Easily relax even if you haven't been able to in years*
  • Heal the shame and self-judgement*
  • Do the activities you love doing again*

*(see below)

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