Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety

hypnosis for stress and anxiety
Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety Expert: Sean Maness C.H.P

Are you looking for hypnosis for stress and anxiety?

You are in the right place, at the right time. I believe you were meant to find this webpage. In this article, I am going to answer your questions about hypnosis for stress and anxiety.

My name is Sean Maness. Thus far in my career, I have conducted a couple thousand hypnosis sessions. I’ve worked with people of all races and religions(and lack thereof).

I have helped several hundred people successfully use hypnosis to relieve stress and anxious feelings for good. I do this by helping you address the root cause at the subconscious level.

Hypnosis is simply life-changing and it can help you relieve stress and anxious feelings.

“Sean, I Feel Like My Job Is Killing Me, Literally”

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (63 percent) say the future of the nation is a very or somewhat significant source of stress, slightly more than perennial stressors like money (62 percent) and work (61 percent) -American Psychological Association

I see a lot of stressed-out people from day to day, but one stressed out corporate executive comes to mind that I helped reduce stress. We met through various channels and we were introduced by some of my previous clients. He was middle-aged and walked around so stressed he wanted to scream (he did many times, which led to a nasty divorce).

When he came in for a consultation he described his typical day “I slam 2 expresso shots to wake up, then I hang on for dear life through a day of meetings and managing people at a large corporation, and then I force myself to sleep using a variety of sleeping pills”

He started out loving his work, but the pressure mounted and it became his worst enemy. “Sean,  I feel like my job is actually killing me, literally.” He described many of the following symptoms on this list.

Do You Share Any Of These Issues?

  • have difficulty controlling your racing mind?
  • have hypertension (elevated blood pressure?)
  • feel unable to cope with the challenges of life?
  • ever feel lightheaded?
  • have chest pain and/or rapid heartbeat?
  • have trouble sleeping?
  • have low energy?
  • have an upset stomach, nausea, etc?

If so, you may be suffering the effects of chronic stress!

After coming to see me for several sessions the executive learned new mental habits and got to the root of his stress/anxious feelings. He described the epiphany he had during one of his sessions :

“We did one session where it really hit me why I was so anxious and stressed. I feared being laid off because of my age, sometimes I even had nightmares about it. Through some very effective processes, Sean helped me resolve these feelings and create new, more empowering beliefs that have helped me drastically reduce stress and worry. Thank you Sean!”

These new habits and relaxing feelings led him to reduce his work hours without having to quit his job. He now spends more time with his children and grandchildren.

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Failure To Manage Stress Long-Term….. Results In DISEASE.

At this point, it has become commonplace for people to come down with diseases at even younger ages. There are many factors for this including a sedentary lifestyle, food choices, toxins, and STRESS.

Stress creates a weakening of the immune system. This creates a weak point for all sorts of diseases to more easily attack the body. If the body is in a state of stress, cortisol is released which causes weight gain and health problems. Stress is a factor that is totally within your control, despite what others may try to make you believe. Hypnosis for stress and anxiety does wonders in 15 minutes a day.

How Does Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety Work?

Simply put, hypnosis for stress and anxiety is the application of specific mental tools to achieve greater well-being. Hypnosis for stress and anxiety is about activating the body’s natural relaxation response. The relaxation response is the opposite of the fight-or-flight stress response.

When we enter the natural state of hypnosis it has many of the benefits meditation has proven to elicit, except unlike meditation, hypnosis can be achieved with zero training. In fact, I have had hundreds of clients, every single client could be hypnotized in the first session.

I Don’t Want You To Have To Use Me For Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety In The Future

I will be your coach for as long as you want me to be, but I put myself out of a job on purpose. I teach all of my client’s self-hypnosis in person and through an audio course that I created. Why? Because not only is it vital to do at home reinforcement for the changes we make in sessions, I feel it is my moral obligation.

I do this because I feel every single man, woman, and child needs to learn self-hypnosis. It is the only way to take back control of their own mind and direct it to their goals and overcome the challenges they face. It is the most powerful tool I have found that you can use by yourself for personal changes.

Where Self-Hypnosis Fails-The Reason Why Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety Exist.

If you learned self-hypnosis alone you would reduce your stress. Here is the kicker though, you will only get so far with it till you hit a plateau. Why? Because, as humans, we can’t see the root of our own problems, our mental patterns/habits. This is why even I have to get sessions to overcome the challenges I have.

Humans are very self-deceptive. Because self-applied hypnosis is great for programming positive beliefs, it is part of our program. The other aspect is to resolve negative feelings and beliefs that are creating stress and anxious feelings. That is what I do with hypnosis for stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety is the use of a combination of hypnosis/self-hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness practices

What Are The Benefits Of Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety?

  • Get to the root cause of your stress, not just deal with symptoms like many other methods
  • Learn tools you can use for a lifetime so you can enjoy the benefits anytime, any place
  • Resolve physical and mental effects of stress*
  • Improve immune system function*
  • Improve circulation*
  • Reduced blood pressure is possible in people with high blood pressure*
  • Gain better mental clarity/focus*
  • Improve digestion*
  • Improve fertility/reproductive function*
  • Enjoy better thinking/problem solving*

(*Only when used in conjunction with proper medical treatment. See below for details.)

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Why Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety?

  • The researchers concluded that mindfulness-based therapy may be useful in altering affective and cognitive processes that underlie multiple clinical issues. Those findings are consistent with evidence that mindfulness meditation increases positive affect and decreases anxiety and negative effect. -American Psychological Society
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a popular mind-body medicine intervention that can help patients with chronic pain, stress, and illness cope more skillfully, relieve their suffering and reclaim a sense of themselves as a whole person (Kabat-Zinn, 1982, 2003, 2011).

From: Mindfulness-Based Treatment Approaches (Second Edition), 2014

hypnosis for stress and anxiety
Mindfulness is now mainstream. Our hypnosis for stress and anxiety program is mindfulness on steroids.

 Why Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety?

  • Hypnosis methods that also incorporate mindfulness meditation are superior to other methods. This is because hypnosis helps you discover the root cause of your stress. This is unlike other methods that just deal with the symptoms of stress.

hypnosis for stress and anxiety

What Our Clients Say About Hypnosis For Stress And Anxiety

We Are The #1 Rated Hypnosis Practice In Dallas/ Fort Worth On Google

“I Will Definitely Recommend Hypnosis With Sean And Will!”

Before using hypnosis I was under a high level of anxiety, stress, and insecurity.
Through the recording that Sean made for me and the sessions with Will and Sean, I had a medical issue that I have been taking care of thanks to their work and dedication. You could work on any issues that you do desire with hypnosis. I will definitely recommend hypnosis with Sean and Will! This is the best I felt since that medical issue back in January 2017!

John A.
5 Star Google Review June 2018

“I Feel More Relaxed And Carefree.”

I was feeling overwhelmed and scattered about a goal I am trying to achieve. With each session I had with Sean, I felt more at peace. Now after six sessions, I feel more focused and motivated on what I need to do. Instead of trying to control so much of how I think things should be, I find myself listening to what I need to do in each moment. This is huge for me. I feel more relaxed and carefree. I am confident and well on my way. Sean helped me get even more clear about the goal and he gave me a recording with therapeutic suggestions so I can continue to practice on my own. I really appreciated this gift because it is going to help me get in the habit of practicing daily. In my experience, I see many benefits of doing 6 sessions because with each session I uncovered more about myself that I might have missed otherwise. I recommend Sean’s services! Thank you so much, Sean, for helping me!

Jamie Broaddus
5 Star Review

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What Is The Next Step To Reduce Stress And Anxious Feelings?

If you're like me, I get really fed up, then I have about a week to get help before I go back to my old ways. The week could turn into a month, then a year, and then 5 years. Waiting to take action when you have reached a threshold, is the death rattle of positive change. You have such as short time to change before life gets in the way.

The next step is a risk-free consultation where we determine if we are a good fit for each other. Why? Because we like to make sure a good fit to work with us. 

I know you can resolve this stress and the anxious feelings. You are not your past. Call to start melting away the stress today.

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