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  • Breakthrough self-sabotaging behaviorhypnotherapy dallas
  • Increase your motivation
  • Build deep self-confidence
  • Clarify your ideal vision and easily move towards it
  • Free yourself from toxic relationships
  • Overcome fears and phobias

“Would You Like To Create Lasting Positive Change In Your Life?

  • Breakthrough self-sabotaging behavior* 
  • Free yourself from limiting patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving*  
  • Change negative emotional states to positive ones*
  • Increase your motivation to overcome the problem and achieve your goals* 
  • Build deep self confidence and self esteem so that you can accomplish your goals effectively* 

Some Of Our Recent Google Reviews

“It Was Daily Torture For All My Life And Now I’m Surprised I Don’t Even Think About Them.”

I initially started hypnotherapy with the goal to get rid of a phobia (from an animal). I’m not completely fearless of it, however, I don’t obsess about it anymore. It was daily torture for all my life and now I’m surprised I don’t even think about them. Now I’m moving on to work on anger and the results are already noticeable by those around me. After many many years of working on myself with different types of therapy, I knew the fastest and greatest results would be to work directly with the subconscious mind. And these two gentlemen are the best.

Carlos Berlin
5 Star Google Review April 2018

“I Have Also Quit Smoking, Another Amazing Feat”

Will and Sean helped me overcome some pretty big addictions.
First of all, I’m able to relax a bit more. Taking quiet time to go into hypnosis gets me to the present and reduces my anxiety. Also, I have not had sugar for months. This is a huge win because I could eat a box of Oreos and not be conscious of it until I’m searching the package and there’s nothing left. I have also quit smoking, another amazing feat. The cool thing about my experience was listening to the suggestions as I was going into hypnosis. For lack of a better term, the mantra is… Want it to happen, then make it happen. Will & Sean’s technique with me is to leverage my successes to conquer the next issue I want to address.

Michael Davis
5 Star Facebook Review 2018

“We Were On Our Way Home That I Realized I Hadn’t Been Worried, Or Nervous Or Fearful At All”

I had gotten to where I was very fearful and nervous when riding my horse. It was no longer fun and enjoyable to ride and I was at the point of giving up riding altogether. Horses are a big part of my life (we have 6) and the last thing I wanted to do was to give up. So instead I scheduled some sessions with Sean and Will at Maness Hypnosis. It was the best thing I could have done. I had positive results right away, I began to look forward to riding – was it perfect – no – but SO MUCH BETTER and gets better every day. Sean helped me re-focus and become more positive and confident when I ride.

I went to a three-day horsemanship clinic about a week before my last session. I had a great time and so did my horse! I was focused on riding and learning and enjoying the fellowship of the other clinic participants instead of being nervous. In fact, it wasn’t until it was over and we were on our way home that I realized I hadn’t been worried, or nervous or fearful at all during the entire clinic. What a great feeling that was! I would highly recommend working with Sean, he is very easy to work with and will help develop a plan that will get results your looking to achieve and will be there to support you in achieving them.

Earline Loveall
5 Star Google Review

“I have seen vast improvements in my progress in just a couple weeks.”

Maness Hypnosis can give everyone a great opportunity to improve themselves. I have struggled with depression and self-doubt for many years, which was holding me back from the artistic outlets I love, and curbing my career advancement. I felt powerless to overcome the demotivating feelings and constant anxiety that kept me from living my life the way I wanted. Maness Hypnosis was recommended to me by several friends who were looking to overcome addictive sweets, to stop smoking and deal with a crippling animal phobia. So, I made an introductory appointment.

Sean and Will are both professional and experienced in their practice. I feel that they are both committed and involved in helping me resolve my issues of demotivation and self-doubt. I have seen vast improvements in my progress in just a couple weeks. They take the time to clearly explain the process of how and why hypnosis works so that I understand and am comfortable with the exercises they recommend to help me improve. They have both worked to personalize my in-person sessions and self-hypnosis recordings to give me the best results. They have also been very accommodating with my request to change my appointment date and time, due to an increased weekday workload.

No one can gift me the life I want on a silver platter. But Sean and Will are helping me to find my own path, realizing my potential in order to move with confidence toward my goals. If you are interested in clearing your mental blocks and demotivational feelings in order to fulfill your life goals, you might consider hypnosis. And Maness Hypnosis is a powerful and positive partner you can call on to help. I would recommend them to anyone who is willing and interested in learning more about hypnosis, and how can improve their lives, as it is improving mine every day.

Thanks Sean and Will!

Erin Cole
5 Star Google Review June 2018

“I Rediscovered How To Be Calm And Focused”

In midlife, I developed a fear of flying, something which I used to enjoy. When I planned a vacation I used to force myself to get on a plane, I considered asking my doctor for drugs. Instead, I scheduled some hypnosis sessions with Maness Hypnosis. Sean was very professional and knowledgeable. Not only did I have an enjoyable flight, but with an introduction to self-hypnosis I rediscovered how to be calm and focused–something I need in my hectic life! During my sessions, I even had a couple of personal insights that I wasn’t expecting.

Nora Loyd
5 Star Review

“I Feel More Relaxed And Carefree.”

I was feeling overwhelmed and scattered about a goal I am trying to achieve. With each session I had with Sean, I felt more at peace. Now after six sessions, I feel more focused and motivated on what I need to do. Instead of trying to control so much of how I think things should be, I find myself listening to what I need to do in each moment. This is huge for me. I feel more relaxed and carefree. I am confident and well on my way. Sean helped me get even more clear about the goal and he gave me a recording with therapeutic suggestions so I can continue to practice on my own. I really appreciated this gift because it is going to help me get in the habit of practicing daily. In my experience, I see many benefits of doing 6 sessions because with each session I uncovered more about myself that I might have missed otherwise. I recommend Sean’s services! Thank you so much, Sean, for helping me!

Jamie Broaddus
5 Star Review

“It Was An Honor And Privilege To Work With Sean.”

It was an honor and privilege to work with Sean. Sean’s professional demeanor in collaboration with his knowledge and counsel of hypnotism and the inner workings of the mind revealed some great insight that now allows me to further my work without the confusion that existed within me. Sean helped me clear some of the unknowns and my fears surrounding my career path as an entrepreneur and leader. Sean laid out a plan for me that I follow each day to ascertain my belief in myself along my chosen path.

Many thanks for the listening, discerning, and objective approach with identifying an underlying need that existed within me. I thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy my work with Sean and am happy to refer others to him who might need some assistance with uncovering those hidden barriers and/or fears that we create within ourselves. For it is that when those dissipate, we can move forward rapidly and successfully along our path.

Tanya D. Holland
5 Star Review

“I Am Profoundly Amazed By This Mind Shift And I See Many New Paths Before Me”

[since completing my sessions] I have interviewed with 5 airlines and believe or not, I got a job offer from Express Jet! I plan on going to training at the end of February for 4 weeks. If they hold true to their promise to base me at DFW, I will be flying the friendly skies by the end of March!
I am so grateful for your keen insight on how the brain processes information. I would never have believed how easy it is to change one’s life around by merely repeating the same thought over and over until gradually it becomes a belief you can easily hold and not question. I am profoundly amazed by this mind shift and I see many new paths before me. I truly feel like I am a new, improved version (or perhaps not new or improved but just a remembered, revitalized version) of myself. You have a gift for bringing a calm, relaxed demeanor to the sessions and I found them uplifting and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more sessions in the future. Surely this world is blessed to have individuals like yourself to guide us through the maze of understanding who we are and allowing us to enjoy all this life has to offer!
Pamela Rohan
5 Star Review

“What Surprised Me Was That I Am Able To Hypnotize Myself Immediately And It’s Working.”

As a coach and consultant, I support people to make changes personally and professionally. Sean’s program dovetails with what I’m already doing using neuroscience and mindfulness and takes it to the next level. What surprised me was that I am able to hypnotize myself immediately and it’s working. I’ve been focusing on eating healthy and I have started losing weight easily. I’m not craving foods and am suddenly eating smaller portions. I just got back from a cruise and didn’t gain any weight. (If you’ve been on a cruise, you know that is amazing.) Sean’s approach is so easy and simple. I can hypnotize myself in about 10 minutes. I have confidence in what I’m doing. I am looking forward to taking more training and elevating my skills. The last thing I want to say is that Sean is very supportive and I know he cares about my success. It is important to trust your coach and I trust Sean.

Marilyn Sutherland, PHR and SHRM-CP
5 Star Review

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Take Back Control Of Your Life, Take Action Today

  • Breakthrough self-sabotaging behaviorhypnotherapy dallas
  • Increase your motivation
  • Build deep self-confidence
  • Clarify your ideal vision and easily move towards it
  • Free yourself from toxic relationships
  • Overcome fears and phobias