At one point, Will and I both owned Ford Rangers. At another point, we were both stranded on the side of the road with dead batteries. We needed a jump-start to get moving again. So, we did what any practical person with a firm grasp of reality would do. We used the power of our minds to jump-start our batteries.

Then, we said to a crowd of stunned passersby, “May the force be with you,” and quickly drove home. Once at home, I decided to levitate some objects around the house to tidy up a bit. Finally, my nosy neighbor stopped by and I reduced him to a pile of clothes. Then, I realized he was my most successful weight loss client.

I’ll be the first to admit that parts of this story may have been exaggerated for dramatic effect. While you may not be able to jump-start a vehicle with the power of your mind, there are other things you CAN jump-start. One of those things is your weight loss motivation. If you’re feeling like you need a little jolt to get your weight loss motivation going, this article is your answer.

Get permission from your local Jedi Master

There’s nothing more discouraging than trying to lose weight and finding out later it was never even possible. Because such a setback would certainly affect your weight loss motivation, talk to your local Jedi Master (aka your doctor) and get permission to start a weight loss plan.

Increase your weight loss motivation with pain and pleasure associations

Traditional personal development authors have taught to only program your mind with positives. After all, it’s all about thinking positive, right? Wrong! It’s not even possible to only think positive. True Jedi masters know how to use the power of the dark side to their motivational advantage.

One of these Jedi masters is Tony Robbins himself. He encourages people to associate massive pain with not losing weight. What is being overweight costing you? How heavy will you be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. What will the problem cost you then, in terms of self-respect, health, and family connections?

Vividly imaging all the negative present and future consequences can powerfully motivate you to change. Doing so is like taking a light saber to the lifestyle habits that keep you overweight!

The same is true for pleasure(Or Positive Feelings). As Tony Robbins repeatedly asserts, humans move towards pleasure and away from pain. Think about all the positive benefits you will experience if you do lose weight NOW! How will all of these benefits compound over the next 1, 5, and 10 years?

How will your self-esteem, health, and relationships improve? What kind of momentum could you generate across all areas of your life if you made this change TODAY?

The more your associate pain with staying overweight and pleasure with changing, the more motivated you will become. Really sit down and take the time to vividly imagine all the positive and negative consequences of losing/not losing weight.

Write these things down now……like right now.

weight loss motivation

It takes a village for weight loss motivation

Let’s face it, you can only motivate yourself for so long before you lose your weight loss motivation. That’s why you need a system of accountability checks and balances built into your life. First of all, tell as many people as possible about your plans to lose weight. Post it on Facebook.

Do whatever you need to do to tell everyone in your network what you are doing. Next, cut off all ties with naysayers. Never let them convince you to join the dark side.

Once your supportive network is in place, you need accountability partners. These partners can be friends and family, but it is much better if you pay your accountability partners, particularly if their services are non-refundable. At minimum, you need a dietitian, an exercise coach, and a hypnotherapist on your weight loss team.

If you have less than 3 professionals on your weight loss team, you’re team is going to lose. You might as well join the Sith now, for you will never be a true Jedi.

Because weight loss is a multifaceted issue, you need a village around you to make it happen. So form your team now, and do everything your teammates say. Ultimately, it comes down to your own level of weight loss motivation. But, having a team in place will help your weight loss motivation at times when the dark side becomes a little too alluring.

No time for weight loss motivation? Mend your fences!

Over the years I have noticed an interesting thing about weight loss motivation Jedi trainees. People who lack weight loss motivation usually have boundary issues. They are big-time people-pleasers who aren’t used to taking time for themselves. If you are going to make big changes in your life, you are going to need to learn that it’s OK to put your attention on yourself and attend to your own needs.

Others will try to suck your time and attention, but don’t let this happen! You must put yourself first if you want weight loss motivation. You must take responsibility for your life and do what you need to do to succeed. When your new lifestyle involves changes for those around you, you need to clearly communicate those changes to them. You must have the self-respect to say no.

Do not gloss over this step for weight loss motivation. Boundaries are a serious problem for most people with weight issues. You will never have the motivation you need if you continue to be a people-pleaser. Stop attending to the needs of others before your own.

Set your intention for weight loss motivation

Next, you must motivate yourself to lose weight from within. You do that by first setting a clear intention. How much weight do you want to lose? How much will you weigh after you achieve your goal? What might stop you from losing weight and how will you deal with that? Finally, what will your first step be?

Write down all of those answers on a piece of paper. Use them as positive affirmations to program your subconscious mind. Every morning and every evening, stand in front of your bathroom mirror and say, with emotion, “I am so happy that I slim down to 135 lbs by July 1st, 2018.” The more you affirm this statement, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the more weight loss motivation you will have.

Daily programming is vital to motivating yourself long-term. Weight loss motivation must come from within. Programming your mind for weight loss is the only way to make this happen. We have a brand new course on motivating yourself with self-hypnosis. There will be more information about that at the end of the article if you’re interested.


weight loss motvation

Luke Skywalker takes on the temptation of the dark side. Dark chocolate that is.

See a hypnotherapist for weight loss motivation

Let’s get something absolutely straight: Hypnosis does not MAKE you lose weight. It never has, and never will. It can, however, increase your motivation to take action on your weight loss goals. Hypnotic techniques are unlikely to result in weight loss unless you use it at part of your “weight loss team.” Used in conjunction with other methods, hypnosis really shines as a weight loss tool.

Weight-loss hypnosis will help you reverse the mental patterns that stand in the way of your weight loss motivation. A lot of these patterns come from the past. Let me give you an example. A hypnotherapist I consulted with years ago told me about a client who had a severe overeating problem.

In hypnosis, the client recalled that when she was a child, her parents would often fight and scream at each other. During her parent’s fights, she would eat Haagen Dazs. The ice-cream became a comforting friend to help her deal with emotional uncertainty.

As she grew up, she continued to use this crutch and became severely overweight. She was able to release this self-defeating pattern through hypnosis. She learned positive ways to deal with her emotions. As a result, her weight loss motivation was supercharged, and she easily lost 50 lbs.

In this case, the past was severely crippling the client’s weight loss motivation. No other method besides hypnosis can pinpoint and resolve the cause of present-day problems.

A simple technique to jump-start your weight loss motivation

Try this simple technique:

  1. Think of something you want to motivate yourself to do. This should be something that will help you lose weight. Now set that image aside.

2. Think of something you really love to do. Step into the picture and see what you see when you do that thing you really love. Hear what you hear when you do it. Allow yourself to experience all the positive feelings. Now, put your hand on your heart and stay with these feelings for 3 breaths.

3. Now bring back the image of yourself doing the activity from step 1. Keep holding your hand on your heart, and associate all these good feelings into the image from step 1.

Now, you have linked positive feelings to the task on which you want more motivation. Practice this exercise regularly and watch your weight loss motivation improve.

Did you jump-start your weight loss motivation?

If you didn’t, you probably didn’t actually DO what I recommended. Don’t join the dark side yet. The force is strong within you, I assure you. But you’ll never know it’s there until you take action. After using these techniques, you may not be jump-starting car batteries with your mind. But, you will jump-start your weight loss motivation.

On the other hand, if you want to become the Luke Skywalker of weight loss motivation, call us at 469-458-0187 and order our brand new program called Motivation Jump-start! Or get it for free by scheduling a Mind Power Experience.

Article by Sean Maness

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