Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

We Help You Achieve Confidence and Peace of Mind

Our hypnotherapists work with you to overcome the anxiety that is holding you back personally or professionally.

What Makes Us Different

We Only Work With Anxiety

Unlike most hypnotherapists, we are specialists. Sean has over 10 years experience helping clients resolve their anxiety, jumpstart their confidence, and stop bad habits naturally. 

We Have A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you come to all your sessions during our program (without being more than 20 min. late) and finish all the action steps you are given...and if you're not satisfied for any reason, we will give you a full refund. 

Unmatched Success Rate

Maness Hypnosis has over 100 5-Star Reviews and is the #1 rated hypnotherapy practice in Texas. We started as local practice with a proven reputation and track record. In the last few years, we have expanded to serve clients all over the U.S. online.

What Should You Expect At Maness Hypnosis?

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Free Yourself From Anxiety With Our Proven Virtual Hypnotherapy Program


You'll learn how to put a stop to anxiety and reclaim your freedom to do what you need and want to do.


Hypnotherapy targets your subconscious mind to stop negative thoughts.

Peace of Mind

Without anxiety holding you back, you can finally relax and enjoy peace of mind and less stress in your life.

Meet Sean

Sean Maness is a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist and the #1 rated hypnotist in Texas. Sean specializes in anxiety and is trained in modern, clinically tested hypnotherapy techniques. 

After witnessing the incomplete changes that most hypnotherapy approaches achieve, he pioneered a proprietary hypnotherapy method which has helped over 1000 people free themselves from anxiety and achieve lasting positive changes.

Sean has over 10 years experience helping clients resolve their anxiety, jumpstart their confidence, and stop panic attacks naturally. In the last few years, Sean has expanded to working with clients all over the United States.

Sean has also been a featured speaker at the International Board of Hypnotherapy's annual symposium where he has taught his methods to over 150 other hypnotherapists from around the world.

Getting Started is Simple

Step 1

Book Your Free Virtual Consultation

To get started simply request your free private consultation by clicking on the link below. We will be in touch within 24 hours to set up your consultation with Sean.

Step 2

Attend Your Free 60 Minute Consultation

You'll be able to meet with your hypnotherapist for an initial consultation to answer any questions that you may have, make sure your the right fit, and determine the best strategy for you to achieve long-term freedom from anxiety.

Step 3

Overcome Anxiety

You will work with us through our anxiety program which includes sessions, action steps, and at home reinforcement that will help you overcome your anxiety and transform your life.


What Other People Say...


“I Hardly Notice Feelings Of Anxiousness Anymore…”

“I used to experience high levels of anxiety weekly, and I hardly notice feelings of anxiousness anymore. It is clear that Sean puts a lot of thought into how best to help his clients. He is well prepared every session with ideas individualized to my needs. I am beyond pleased at the progress I have seen from working with him. I am very thankful to him for helping me gain confidence and restore a sense of joy and calmness in my life again.”

Stacey Salerno Dallas, TX Google Review

Much Greater Ability To Gain Control Over My Anxious Thoughts

“I was dealing with a paralyzing fear of flying. I had moved and cancelled two flights previously and I was concerned that this would happen again. After sessions, I have a much greater ability to gain control over my anxious thoughts. I can now slow down and focus on self-improvement. I can now open up and talk about my issues instead of keeping it inside. I have a trip coming up this weekend, and for the first time, I can now focus on the trip instead of the process of getting there. Even my parents have noticed that when I call them after hypnosis, I am now so much more relaxed. Before purchasing services, I had some doubts because it was unknown territory for me. However, it’s nothing like you’ve seen on TV or what you might think of it. I ended up doing hypnosis here because they did not present it as a quick fix, but as a process and one that I felt comfortable with.”

McKenzie Meloy Google Review

Within 3-4 Weeks, I Noticed That My Anxiety Was Basically Gone

“Sean has been a huge help to me! I was having lots of trouble with anxiety and depression. Within 3-4 weeks, I noticed that my anxiety was basically gone. My depression has seen vast improvements as well. If you’re on the fence about this, I highly recommend you give it a try!”

Luke Waley Dallas, TX Google Review

I Am Calm, Focused, And Happy

“I was having a lot of anxiety that stemmed from a previous abusive relationship. I was also having trouble sleeping, and focusing on the good things in my life. I am now able to see my problems from a totally different perspective. Before, I was anxious, distracted, and nervous, and now I am calm, focused, and happy. I use the mental conditioning Sean taught me as a daily tool to work through things I couldn’t work through before.”

Liz Warner Watauga, TX Google Review

“In A Few Weeks, I Felt A Significant Difference In My Mood”

“I’ve struggled with depression on and off for years, and up until recently it had become almost debilitating. I had therapy but none of them really effectively got to the root of the problem. After just a few weeks of working with Sean, I felt a significant difference in my mood and motivation. I was able to come back to my interests of art and design after so long and was excited about life again after being held back by depression for so long. Sean is a great listener and really tried to understand you so as to give you the right help you need.”

Husna S. Dallas , TX Google Review

Benefits of Virtual Hypnosis

Since we have done thousands of in-person and virtual sessions, we have not found any difference in results between the two as long as you fully engage with the program.

Your sessions will be held in the most convenient place possible- in your own home. This saves time getting to and from your session. 

The sessions are done privately over secure video from your phone, computer, or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trying to figure out if Hypnotherapy is right for you? You're not alone. Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked.

Is virtual hypnosis as effective as in-person?

Hypnosis is an active process, not a passive one. You will be fully mentally engaged with what is happening in the session. For this reason, you will be completely aware of everything that happens in the session, and you’ll remember everything.

Why should I try hypnosis?

We’re not saying you should. In fact, I don’t think you should “try” anything. I recommend investing yourself 100% in everything you do, rather than “trying this” and “trying that.” When you’re ready to overcome anxiety for good, I will help you develop greater awareness of your mental state and the daily choices you make in your life which affect how you feel. In short, my methods help give you the emotional control you need to feel the way you want.

What can hypnosis help me with?

Let’s start with what hypnosis is NOT good for. Hypnosis is not the best tool for: serious mental health issues including psychosis/bipolar/ADHD, medical issues, addictions, weight loss, and people who struggle with basic life functionality (for example: can’t hold down a job, make appointments, can’t behave appropriately in the office, etc.)

Beyond what I just mentioned, hypnosis can help with just about anything.

However, I am a specialist. I only do hypnosis for anxiety. If you want help with anything else, go somewhere else. I don’t mean to sound blunt, but a big reason why I get the results I do is that I specialize in one thing. 

What is hypnosis...really?

It’s a focused state of attention. In hypnosis you can learn new attitudes, perspectives, choices, ways of thinking, and other resources that help you feel more confident and less anxious.

What is a hypnotherapist?

It is commonly believed that hypnotherapists are similar to other mental health professionals, like psychologists. Hypnotherapy, however, is a unique modality with its own scope and preparation. A well-trained hypnotherapist understands that clients change themselves.

Hence, a hypnotherapist is part investigator, accountability partner, coach, and instructor. It is a dynamic role that requires rapport building, listening skills, empathy, intuition, and logic.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer:

It’s important to recognize that “hypnotizability studies” are usually done by reading the same “script” to every participant in the study. This is a flawed way to do hypnosis.

The proper way (which few hypnotherapists actually do) is to customize what you are saying to each client in real time -no scripts, no formulas, no nonsense.

It’s about knowing the hypnotic language well enough to say the right things at the right time to help clients go into trance. Everyone willing to do hypnosis as a means to achieve an important goal can be hypnotized. 

I’ve been to a hypnotherapist before, and it didn’t work. Why would this be different?

Two possible reasons for this:

1) You depended on “hypnosis” to do the work for you. Hypnosis does not, and will not achieve your goal without any effort on your part.
2) There was no “connecting strategy” between the session and your actual life. This is probably your hypnotherapist's fault, not yours.

Hypnosis is just a tool, not a strategy. If you do not actively and consciously take the ideas from the session into your life, nothing will change. A good hypnotherapist will assist you in such a strategy.

However, most hypnotherapists are generalists with no specialized knowledge in your goal. When you work with me, I bring not only mastery of the hypnotic language, but hundreds of effective connecting strategies that are flexible enough to adapt to your unique situation.

Will I be asleep?

Historically, the word Hypnosis comes from Greek origin meaning a “sleep-like state”. If you saw a hypnotized person, they might look like they are asleep. In this way, hypnosis is like sleep, but it is not sleep. When you do hypnosis, you will not be asleep, nor will you be unconscious. You will be aware of everything that is happening in the session.

Do people get stuck in trance?

No. It is impossible to get “stuck”. All hypnotic states end, whether formally ended by the Hypnotherapist or naturally by you. You can come out of hypnosis anytime you choose.

Will I do things I don’t want or be under your control?

Absolutely not. Hypnosis doesn’t “make you” do anything. Even after receiving positive hypnotic suggestions, it is up to you whether you want to act on them or not.

Will I lose control of my mind or share my personal secrets?

No. You will only tell me what you think is important for me to know in order to help you. If you don’t feel comfortable telling me something, you won’t. This is true whether you’re talking to me in conversation, or doing hypnosis.

My goal is to put you in greater control of your emotional state. You’ll gain control, not lose it.

Are there any negative side effects?

At times, there can be anxiety about the change process, which is normal and natural. I am very good at helping clients work through these challenges.

There are no negative side effects from the hypnosis itself. Most people find the experience to be extremely positive, beneficial and empowering. 

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Our hypnotherapists work with you to overcome the anxiety that is holding you back personally or professionally. 

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