Sean Maness and Will Koen Certified Hypnosis Practitioners

Sean Maness , CMS-Cht-FIBH (pictured left) has been doing hypnosis since
discovering the power of his own mind back in 2004. Sean went from being a struggling
musician living in his parents basement to working in the 2nd highest-paying
professional orchestra in Japan. He did this by improving his confidence through
self-hypnosis. He started Maness Hypnosis to share the amazing benefits of hypnosis
with others.

Will Koen , CHT, (pictured right) has been doing hypnosis since his amazing weight
loss transformation 10 years ago. He had been overweight his entire life until he
decided that enough was enough. He used self-hypnosis and visualization along with
continuous action to achieve a total weight loss of 120 lbs and sustain it for 10 years.
Will joined Maness Hypnosis because he values empowering others to transform their

Sean Maness speaking
Sean Maness introducing himself at E3 in April 2017


does hypnosis for weight loss work
Will lost 120 lbs. with Self-Hypnosis!