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Deliver the Perfect Presentation by Turning Anxiety Into Confidence

This Easy to Follow Action Plan and Toolkit Will Help You Speak Effectively In Just A Few Weeks, Even If You’ve Never Spoken Publically In Your Life!

Backed By An Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee*

When You Book A Free Action Plan Session You Will Get:

  • 30-Min Action Plan Session (RETAIL $150)
    I will help you assess the root causes of your speaking anxiety and lack of confidence, discover the strengths you already possess to help you overcome it, and provide you with a clear achieveable goal with action steps you can take immediately to become more confident and less anxious.

Bonuses (Toolkit):

  • “Automatic Relaxation” Hypnotherapy MP3 Recording (RETAIL $25)
    A special hypnotherapy recording that will help you develop the habit of relaxing automatically so you handle stress in a productive way instead of being anxious. This is a huge benefit if you have problems performing at work because of your anxiety.
  • “End Fear Now” Hypnotherapy MP3 Recording (RETAIL $25)
    A hypnotic recording that will help you free yourself from the fear of what others think about you, so you can overcome procrastination and take action in your life.
  • “Jumpstart Your Confidence” Hypnotherapy MP3 Recording (RETAIL $25)
    If you suffer from a lack of confidence or feel like there is something wrong with you, this recording is for you. You will learn to build your own inner confidence by implementing a few very simple habits into your life that transform how you perceive yourself.

All Together– The "Action Plan Session and Toolkit” total out to a retail value of $225... But if you act NOW, you can get EVERYTHING outlined above for FREE!

As we have limited appointments, please do not book if you can't make the call. It stops others from booking the slot. Thank you.

My 100% Risk Free Unconditional Guarantee

To remove ALL risk to you, I guarantee that when you attend your Action Plan Session and you take advantage of everything included in my toolkit of recordings, you will agree this was the most practical use of your time in helping you speak more confidently.

If not, I will donate $50 to your favorite charity and you can keep all the recordings in the toolkit as my gift to you just for attending the appointment.

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This Special Offer Only Lasts Until We Fill The 5 Available New Client Time Slots, Or On (Date), Whichever Comes First

As of the writing of this page, I only have room for 5 new clients this month due to my limited availability. So if this is something you are interested in, book your call immediately to get started boosting your confidence when speaking today.

Here’s What To Do Now

  • Schedule a time slot in my schedule for your FREE action plan session and you will receive the bonus toolkit when you attend the appointment.
  • Answer the 3 questions in order to finalize your booking.
  • Attend your appointment and receive your action plan and recordings.

Only apply if you struggle with speaking anxiety and lack of confidence that is affecting your ability to perform at work.

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