Side Effects Of Hypnosis-The Truth Uncovered Once And For All

side effects of hypnosis

By: Will Koen

Are there side effects of hypnosis? I mean everything has side effects right. Drinking coke has a side effect and so does anti-depressants. All over the counter pain killers have side effects. Isn’t there side effects of hypnosis? I will reveal many of the side effects of hypnosis. You may be used to side effects being negative or bad for you. It turns out the side effects of hypnosis are side benefits of hypnosis that have not been mentioned publicly very often.

Side Effects Of Hypnosis? Where The Idea Of Side Effects Really Came From

We have been born into western culture. We are not aware most of the time about the ideologies we have been indoctrinated into. I have had a client come up to me before and say “I think the hypnosis wore off because i followed through last week but not this week”. The truth is hypnosis doesn’t wear off because the only way something could wear off is if it was something unnatural, something foreign in the body. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind between the sleep state and the fully alert state. You go in and out of this state daily. There is no such thing as it wearing off or side effects of it. To answer that client though, there is only reason a person follows through one week and not another. They were holding an idea in their mind differently than the prior week. Action is preceded by thought. If you entertain the idea that you cannot do something or that you will fail, that generally leads to no action. Action is the only way we advance towards what we want in this life. Hypnosis is a state of mind in which the subconscious is more receptive to positive ideas and you can condition the mind to believe more of what is beneficial for you to achieve what you want. It is a transformation tool that has been used for many thousands of years. I continue to work with people when they hit roadblocks like this client did. Working with a professional as opposed to just doing self-hypnosis is like night and day. With self hypnosis you just condition your mind. When working with a professional, you uncover the stuff you really need to work on, the limiting patterns.  We cannot see our own limiting patterns generally.

Side Effects Of Hypnosis When Working With A Hypnosis Professional

I remember when I first used my business partner Sean’s professional services for the first time. I had gone through a long journey from asking myself, what are the side effects of hypnosis? To learning about what it is, to using self hypnosis to help me lose 120 pounds. I wanted to finally make a change from one type of business to another. I had tried several times to no avail. I knew Sean could help me. He answered the very question this article is about and told me their are only beneficial side effects of hypnosis. I started working with him and listening to my custom recordings designed to help me form new beliefs over the next 90 days of listening. My most beneficial side effects of hypnosis came in a regression session with Sean. I regressed back to a time when my dad used to take me to work with him on construction jobs.

My dad used to say hurtful things to me when I was very young when I did something wrong. All parents do at one time or another. I created a belief about myself from one of those incidents. If I do something new and different, people may criticize me. We did some trauma work on that to take all the negative emotion from the situation. The effects from those 6 sessions rippled out farther than you could imagine. I have much much less fear of criticism now. I also have done self hypnosis daily for over a year since then and it shows.

side effects of hypnosis

Some Of The Possible Positive Side Effects Of Hypnosis

  • Increased Intuition*
  • Taking action easier because you are removing internal blocks from progress*
  • More connection with higher power*
  • Increased creativity*
  • Forgiveness *
  • Increased relaxation on a day to day basis*
  • Increased Confidence*
  • Increased belief in yourself and your abilities*
  • These are just off the top of my head, there is much more.
    (see below)*

Tim-Simmerman-Sierra, who taught both Sean and I at the Hypnotherapy Academy Of America, has a row of pictures of spiritual masters in the back of the classroom. These are the most elite of the elite. Jesus, many of the Indian yogi masters, Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee etc. As Tim always said “If your not on the wall, then get in the chair.” He means unless you have attained the level of evolution as these people have, you have a lot of internal work to do. I always thought to myself that it was ironic because those people on the wall are still working on themselves tirelessly. They are already in the chair so to speak. So there is no one that could not benefit from this process. The positive side effects of hypnosis are limitless.

It is work to get in the chair, the hardest work you may do. Letting go of the past and the negative things that have happened to you seems like a no brainier. It turns out many of us have a positive intent for holding on to grudges, maybe to have someone to blame. We may be in an abusive relationship because we fear being alone. Facing yourself fully and completely in the chair is the only way. A pill or a new gadget will never “fix you”, because your not broken. You have the ability to heal yourself, Sean and I just facilitate this change with you. There may be a time and a place for pills, that is not my place to decide that for you. The “pill mentality” of quick fixes I know will not serve anyone. It is a victim mentality that dis-empowers  us. It saps our natural infinite potential.

The truth about you is that you have all the answers within you. Hypnosis is just a state of mind that makes it easier to communicate with the subconscious mind to create alignment within yourself. Congruence within creates abundance without. Hypnosis is not special, you are. Hypnosis is just a pipe wrench or a fancy table saw, it is a tool. It helps get the job done quicker and get it done right. It turns out you still have to turn on the saw. Are you ready to turn on your infinite potential?