Before I began working with Will I was having difficulty losing the excess 15-20 lbs I had tacked on in my later 30’s. I had tried everything, or so I thought. As a disabled veteran exercise is difficult for me, but I was counting calories and using those tracking apps, but no matter what I did or tried I couldn’t budge that scale more than a few ticks and it always swung back the other way like a pendulum.

Will was able to help me change my focus and find actual goals beyond “lose some weight” or “look good shirtless”. Once he helped me realize that my reason for wanting to lose weight went deeper than just surface-level vanity, I was able to focus on that rather than how many kCals I had today and how good that ice cream would be. By changing my perspective Will showed me that understanding my true goals and intentions was much more powerful than my sweet tooth.

I just knew that I had tried just about everything else and I couldn’t not lose weight any better than I already was. Now that I have been through the process, it was totally worth it! I would highly recommend Will to anyone that needs a push. I came out of desperation, not certain that this would accomplish anything, but I left a true believer.