What Can Hypnosis Help With?

what can hypnosis help with

When the average hypnotist( who is not a licensed counselor) is asked “what can hypnosis help with?”, they promise the world. I have reviewed every hypnotist’s website in DFW and the results are scary, very scary. They say that hypnosis can help with alcohol/ drug dependency, ADD, Depression, diagnosed anxiety disorders, and even mental illness. Let me give you a quick list of things that only a licensed mental health counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist can legally address. Hypnotists are generally not licensed mental health workers. People that are certified for hypnosis work, and are not licensed mental health workers, have their legal limits of what they can work on.

What Can Hypnosis Help With? What Needs To Be Answered First Is, What Can It Not Help With?

The following can only be treated by a licensed mental health worker.

  • Diagnosed Depression (Sometimes people think they are “depressed” and they are not technically. If you have been diagnosed with depression though, hypnosis alone is not a solution for you).
  • Mental Illness (I think this goes without saying they need to be seeing a licensed mental health worker)
  • Alcohol and Illegal Drug Addiction (This is a chemical addiction that needs to be addressed by a counselor/psychologist in addition to hypnosis)
  • ADD ( This is a mental disorder and is out of scope of practice for a hypnotist to work on directly)
  • Diagnosed Anxiety Disorder ( If anxiety has been diagnosed it is a mental disorder and is out of scope of practice for a hypnotist to work on directly)
  • Suicide Prevention(I think this goes without saying they need to be seeing a licensed mental health worker)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- This is a diagnosed disorder and would not fall into scope of practice.
  • Any Diagnosed Disorder Or Mental Illness

You can still work with a hypnosis professional on these issues in some cases if you do not work directly on the problem and have the consent of a counselor/physiologist. Instead sometimes we work with someone on self esteem(feeling better about their own self worth) to help them while they are working with a counselor. The benefit to this is multiple approaches, which I have seen produce more success if the person is committed. Remember some counselors use hypnosis so these areas would be open to them. Ask your hypnosis professional if they are licensed if you want to work on these areas.

What Can Hypnosis Help With? First We Must Understand What The Hypnosis Process Is.

Before I tell you what hypnosis can help with, I want you to know a drawback of hypnosis.

To be successful using hypnosis you must commit to the process, but when you do, life becomes easier.

Every hypnotist has their own approach, but our approach has three main components.


In the sessions we work with you one on one to teach you hypnosis. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, we do not do anything “to you”. It is a skill and anyone can go into this beneficial state of mind. These sessions are not just to help you believe deep down what you need to believe to achieve your goal and discover you motivations to take action. These sessions are also to take out the trash. The trash are the mental blocks between you and your desired outcome. Lets face it, if you knew how to solve this yourself, you would have. Sessions are really the magic of having a skilled hypnotherapist there with a massive toolbox to resolve many blocks and traumas from the past that you have. Some of these blocks may have troubled you for decades. When you have beliefs about the world and a limiting identity created from past limitation, it is a recipe for frustration. This frustration is relieved by getting to the bottom of the issue through resolving internal conflicts, regression to resolve emotions in past traumas, and release ties to old negative relationships. These are just a few of the tools we use to help people take out the trash that the people who raised us burdened us with.

Hypnosis Reinforcement Recordings Listened To Daily/Twice Daily

Unlike many practitioners and online hypnosis recording peddlers, we do not give generic hypnosis recordings. Generic recordings guess what the root cause is, or do not address it at all. When someone comes in for weight loss, it isn’t weight they need help with most. In some cases it may be personal boundaries. I have had many clients who have weak boundaries that prevented them from allowing time for themselves to do the things they need to do to lose weight. This recording well help them condition their mind with the most powerful self development tool known to man, hypnosis. This recording is designed to be listened to daily for 90 days. If you listened to a recording that helped address the negative self talk you have in your own head and turn it into motivation instead, how would you feel? The answer is so amazing that you start to behave in ways that is congruent with your new beliefs about your own capability and self worth.

When you notice these new behaviors you will be even more inclined to continue. Blocks may come up in the real world and those are addressed in session.


Every session we prompt your subconscious to give you the best physical real world action step to achieve your goal or habit. After all we do live in a physical world. Conditioning the mind and removing blocks would not matter if you don’t take concrete actions.

The whole point of hypnosis is to believe what you need to believe about yourself/ your goal and remove limitation so you can take ACTION easier.

what can hypnosis help with


What Can Hypnosis Help With?

  • Achieving Business Goals
  • Becoming A More Effective Employee
  • Public Speaking Effectiveness
  • Self Confidence
  • Anxiety (when it is not a disorder)
  • Stress Reduction
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Weight Control/Loss
  • Phobias (Fear Of Flying Etc)
  • Fears/ Flashbacks
  • Sleep Problems
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome(All physical problems have a mental component)
  • Working With Cancer Patients On Mindset (While working with a doctor simultaneously)
  • Sports Performance
  • Hypno-birthing (an all natural method of pain free child birth)
  • Improving Musical Performance
  • Reducing Test Anxiety
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Surgery Preparation
  • And almost anything besides the things mentioned in the beginning of the article.


Since We Answered What Can Hypnosis Help With? The Question is What Are The Benefits Of Doing Hypnosis With A Professional.

  • Help resolving unconscious limiting patterns of behavior- sometimes we only think of the problem not the mind conditioning from the past that must be there in order for us to act out in this way.
  • Stress reduction which is a wonderful bonus of hypnotherapy
  • Motivation to accomplish the goal you have
  • Self-Empowerment- Accessing your highest self for increased intuition.

 Initially started hypnotherapy with the goal to get rid of a phobia (from an animal). I’m not completely fearless of it however I don’t obsess about it anymore. It was daily torture for all my life and now I’m surprised I don’t even think about them. Now I’m moving on to work on anger and the results are already noticeable by those around me. After many many years of working on myself with different types of therapy, I knew the fastest and greatest results would be to work directly with the subconscious mind. And these two gentleman are the best. And it’s only been a month.  –Carlos Berlin Google Review April 2018