What is hypnosis and how does it work?

what is hypnosis and how does it work

As a young child, I used to be interested in the way things worked. I was interested in street sweepers, refrigerators, trash compactors, and everything in between. You see, I grew up in ancient times at the dawn of civilization. There was no Google, Amazon, and no other source of information other than a 1970’s Encyclopedia Britannica which was outdated 10 years before it was printed.

Naturally, being a curious child, I used my Dad as my personal source of information. He quickly became tired of discussing the inner workings of the household nutcracker. So, he bought me a book called, The Way Things Work. It was a fascinating volume, filled with mechanical diagrams and cut-away drawings. It provided great insight into the internal workings of the devices we use everyday.

However, missing from that volume was an article called: What is hypnosis and how does it work? 

That’s a shame, because hypnosis happens to be the most powerful self-improvement tool known to mankind. But, it can’t help you if you can’t answer this question: What is hypnosis and how does it work?

So let’s take a look at this concept of hypnosis. I’ll cut through all BS and tell you straight: What is hypnosis and how does it work?

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Let’s start with the official definition endorsed by the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH):

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with numerous benefits.

What does that mean anyway? Well, a natural state of mind is one that’s accessible to everyone – like sleep. If you think you can’t fall asleep, just stay up real late and binge watch your favorite Netflix series. I don’t care how interesting your show is, you’re eventually going to get tired and fall asleep. Even insomniacs go to sleep eventually. Therefore, the state of sleep is accessible to everyone – and so is hypnosis because it’s a natural state.

What is hypnosis and how does it work? – A natural state of mind accessible to everyone

what is hypnosis and how does it work

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, like sleep, that everyone can experience. There are also many derivatives of sleep. Daydreaming, deep thinking, and even zoning out can all be considered hypnosis. You already experience hypnosis everyday. It’s part of the human experience.

Now, let’s look at the next part of the definition: “numerous benefits.” If that doesn’t sound vague, maybe the Pope isn’t Catholic after all. In all seriousness, there are two major categories of hypnosis benefits. The first is stress reduction. Hypnosis actually makes you healthier because it relaxes your nervous system.

The second benefit is motivation. When you get your desired outcomes in your mind, you become more motivated to take action to achieve results. It’s the most powerful motivational system there is – even more motivating than a Nabisco commercial.

Have you read this far: What is hypnosis and how does it work?

what is hypnosis and how does it work

That’s good. That’s really good. It means that you want the real scoop. You’re not a Fake News type of reader. You want the real meat-and-potatoes-goodness! And you want it to be served up by Donald Trump himself, wearing a busboy outfit!

Well, now let’s serve it up nice and thick and juicy, with BBQ sauce on top:

Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered state of mind where the critical factor of the mind is relaxed and selective thinking is maintained. The relaxed critical factor facilitates communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Selective thinking is commonly experienced as focused concentration.

I know what you’re thinking, what in the name of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce does that mean? Well, fellow Texans, don’t get your briskets in a knot. I’ll guide you through it.

Hypnosis is an altered state, which means that your brainwaves are moving a little slower than they usually do. What that means is that inside your mind, your John Deer tractor is set on “Turtle” rather than on “Rabbit.” Slowing down the mind helps you shed stress like a Boa Constrictor sheds it’s skin.

What is hypnosis and how does it work? It’s allows new ideas to be accepted by the subconscious mind

what is hypnosis and how does it work

What’s the critical factor? Is the big, brawny, bald-headed bouncer that wouldn’t let you in the club last Friday night. You see, the critical factor determines what ideas can go in your mind, and which ones can’t. The problem with most other self-improvement methods is that they don’t get new ideas into your mind. The critical factor sends them out as if they were a 15 year-old with a fake, Montana-issued ID. Hypnosis helps put that bouncer to sleep, so new, positive ideas can reach the subconscious mind. (the big boss in charge doing the books upstairs)

Selective thinking is just what it sounds like. When the critical factor is relaxed, it allows your mind to entertain only the ideas that support improving your life. It’s basically a state of relaxed (effortless) concentration in which positive ideas saturate the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind.

What is your subconscious mind?

what is hypnosis and how does it work

Your subconscious mind is the head-honcho, the king of the jungle, and the mafia boss of your own mind. It’s the one driving the bus for better or worse. You may consciously desire a positive change, but you ain’t gettin’ it….unless you convince the big boss upstairs.

What hypnosis does is give that big boss an offer he can’t refuse. Hypnosis is a powerful self-improvement tool that convinces your subconscious mind that the ideas being presented are the truth about you.

And when that happens, it unlocks a firestorm of motivation, intuition, and creative insights that leads you to one thing, and one thing only: positive, definitive results in your life.

What is hypnosis and how does it work: In a nutshell

what is hypnosis and how does it work

Gone are the days of asking my Dad to explain the mechanical intricacies of the family nutcracker. But, let’s be honest – sometimes what is hypnosis and how does it work is a tough nut to crack.

But, it doesn’t need to be. In a nutshell – Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind with numerous benefits. Stress reduction, peace of mind, intuition, confidence, love, and positive motivation will be yours.

Client Testimonial-

I had been struggling with emotional eating and lack of self esteem and confidence for years. Sean and Will have done an amazing job helping me overcome these issues. Some of the benefits include me being able to stick to my food plan and I now feel more confident and stronger. I feel like I now have the tools and resources to accomplish anything I want. Having tried so many different things in the past, I wasn’t sure this was going to work. But I am very glad I gave this a try. I’d most definitely recommend hypnosis with Sean and Will for everyone who is struggling with an issue they haven’t been able to get help for. They literally changed my life! Thank you, Sean and Will!    – Manoela M.  Google Review April  2018