What no one tells you about medical hypnosis

medical hypnosis

In the old days, people were uninformed. Leading scientists thought that the earth was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, and that the moon was made of cheese. Similarly, medical doctors thought that health only concerned the physical body. Doctors prescribed all kinds of treatments from draining “bad blood” to putting leeches all over the body.

But those were the old days. We have come so far. We now know that the moon isn’t really made of cheese, although I secretly long for a lunar cheeseburger. Medical professionals are now aware that there are many factors that determine human health besides the physical body.

We now know that you need, among other things: rest, sunshine, intimate connection, an avenue to release stress,  the right mindset, spiritual connection, and goals to truly be healthy. Yes, we really have come along way in terms of the tools we have to take care of our health.

One of those tools is medical hypnosis. Although medical hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools to promote wellness, most people don’t understand it. Staying informed is key to your health, so here’s what no one tells you about medical hypnosis.

Medical hypnosis can help with physical issues. But how?

medical hypnosis

As the pendulum swung in the way she imagined, tears of joy rolled rolled down her cheeks. “My mind is really that powerful?” she exclaimed as she reached for the closest box of tissues in my office.

Tammy (not her real name), was one my first clients to discover the healing power she possessed – the power to create a physical response in her body through focusing her mind.

The exercise was simple. I had her hold onto a pendulum suspended by a string. As she did, I encouraged her to imagine the pendulum swinging back and forth like a grandfather clock. To her absolute amazement, the pendulum seemingly moved on it’s own, side to side, just as she imagined.

You can gain control of the body through the mind

“It’s magic,” she whispered, still glassy-eyed. It was as if she was a 7-year old child who had just met Santa Clause. I didn’t want to tell her Santa Clause wan’t real, that there was a scientific explanation for what happened. So, I paused before giving her my explanation.

After Tammy regained her composure, I explained that the subconscious mind controls the automatic functions of her body. Her focused thinking created a series of micro-movements in her arm which moved the pendulum.

To her, the “magic” was that the response was totally automatic. She had made no conscious effort to move the pendulum, yet it had moved.

“So,” I said, “If you can create this automatic response with a thought, do you think that you can direct your mind to reduce the symptoms of restless-legs syndrome?” “Absolutely,” she said.

The point is, you have the ability to influence the automatic functions of your body, and thus your health, through the power of thought. It’s not magic.

Medical hypnosis is  a way of communicating with the physical body and directing it towards a healthier state.

Proof that Medical hypnosis works has been documented throughout time

medical hypnosis

Healing the body through the power of the mind goes back to Jesus’ time.

His followers believed that they would be healed and so they were. This power of belief is the basis for all healing past and present.

Even if you don’t do any form of mind-based healing such as medical hypnosis, just believing that your treatment will work may be enough to ensure a positive outcome.

Patients who are given placebos in place of treatment often get the same results as those who underwent actual treatment. These patients simply believed that they were receiving treatment and expected to be healed and so they were.

Louise Hay, the author of You Can Change your Life, among many other titles, used mind-based techniques to heal herself of cancer.

In the movie The Secret, we hear an inspiring account of Morris E. Goodman (b.1945), who  was called “The Miracle Man” after his amazing recovery from an aviation accident.

After the accident, he was only able to blink his eyes. He couldn’t move any other part of his body. He kept imagining himself walking out of the hospital, which he finally did after much care and physical therapy.

Although accounts like these are inspiring, the fact is that these people did not heal through mind-power alone. This is a common misconception of medical hypnosis, which brings me to my next point.

Medical hypnosis will not replace your doctor

Many people are disillusioned with the medical system. This is understandable due to rising costs and sometimes, lack of results. However, remember the principle of belief.

If you visit your doctor with a negative attitude, you probably won’t be healed. Lack of trust of the medical system is understandable. However, I believe that medicine produces miracles everyday. The technical advancements in medicine are truly remarkable.

When medicine fails to heal, it is because healing did not occur in the mind. For long-term healing you need to address the mind AND body. If you seek treatment for your mind and body at the same time, with the expectation of being healed, you will have the greatest chance of success.

Medical hypnosis is not a way to avoid going to the doctor. Medical hypnosis must be used conjunction with proper medical treatment.

Hypnosis is good for your health

Another thing that no one tells you about medical hypnosis is the fact that the state of hypnosis is actually good for your health. Hypnosis engages your natural relaxation response. It relaxes your nervous system which facilitates the body’s natural healing response. Hypnosis also significantly reduces stress, the basis of all disease. Hypnosis can help the body accept medical treatment more readily.

For medical hypnosis to help, you will need to take responsibility for your health

medical hypnosis

Imagine this scenario: You take your car to your mechanic every three months. In between visits, you don’t care for it. You drive it recklessly, never doing any routine maintenance. You put the care of your car solely in the hands of your mechanic.

This is exactly the attitude that many people have toward their health. They don’t take care of their bodies. Instead, they put their health in the hands of their doctor. However, your health is not your doctor’s responsibility.

Most people don’t see a doctor until after they have a health problem. However, the key to long-term health is prevention. The best way to prevent illness in the future is to take responsibility for your own health.

If you are already sick, you will need to accept that your thoughts, attitudes, and lifestyle has led you to this point. Medical hypnosis can help you only if you are willing to accept responsibility for your health and make the necessary changes.

Expect to confront your issues

medical hypnosis

Health naturally happens when we live our lives in harmonious ways.  Many times, a disease represents something that’s out of balance in your life. For example, cancer patients often have deep feelings of resentment which has been bottled up for years.

In fact, repressed emotions are responsible for much disease. Medical hypnosis can help you bring these emotions to the surface and resolve them.

Once you have done that with medical hypnosis, you will need to integrate these changes into your life. You will need to change the way you live your life. In short, you will need to resolve the problem that the disease represented.

As I stated in the beginning, more and more doctors are recognizing the importance of the mind-body connection. Medical hypnosis can be a important part in your overall healing plan.

Just know that it will not replace medical treatment. You will need to take fully responsibility for your health and confront your issues in order to achieve the results you desire with medical hypnosis.

Now is the time. You don’t need to be sick. You don’t need to suffer. There is a better way. Join the 21st century and realize the importance of the mind-body connection to your overall health.

Heal your mind. Heal your body. For more information on how mind-based approaches can help with healing, I recommend All Is Well by Louise Hay.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your well-being, call your doctor. Then, call us for a consultation at 469-458-0187. Or if you prefer to schedule online, go here. 

Article by Sean Maness

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