Why Maness Hypnosis & Our Award-Winning Dallas Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Award-Winning Dallas Clinical Hypnotherapist With Experience And Expertise

When it comes to hypnotherapy, you should feel confident that your working with a true expert. With Sean Maness, our award-winning Dallas hypnotherapist and Maness Hypnosis, you can have that confidence. Sean is an exceptional, board-certified clinical hypnotherapist in Dallas, TX, with extensive training in the areas of hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for anxiety, hypnosis for confidence/self-esteem, hypnosis for fears and phobias, and hypnosis for binge eating/overeating. His outstanding talents have earned him numerous awards throughout his career, which you can read about in more detail here.

Another way you can witness Sean’s expertise is to look at reviews from all of his happy clients. Over 1000 men and women have visited Maness Hypnosis for help with weight loss, resolving anxiety, resolving fears and phobias, increasing confidence, resolving binge eating, and more. Each one has benefited from Sean’s extensive knowledge and skill.

Exceptional 5-Star Reputation And Service-#1 Rated In Texas For Hypnotherapy

At Maness Hypnosis of Dallas, Texas, you can expect 5-star service from every member of our team. Our assistant will kindly greet you to make you feel like you are a welcomed member of the Maness Hypnosis family. Then our Dallas clinical hypnotherapist, Sean Maness, will be informative and address any questions or concerns you have about your care and its progress. At the end of the appointment, you should expect nothing less than 5-star satisfaction! This is how we have become the #1 rated hypnotherapy practice in the State of Texas and have served over 1000 happy clients in the Dallas area. Click here to read about what some of our clients are saying about what you can expect at Maness Hypnosis. 

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Trained In Modern, Clinically Tested Hypnotherapy Techniques

Our Dallas clinical hypnotherapist, Sean Maness, has undergone extensive training in the area of hypnotherapy and is highly experienced. Sean is board certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy. The International Board Of Hypnotherapy requires 5 times the national average of training in hypnotherapy, more than any other board. The IBH also requires all training to be completed in person with veteran hypnotherapists, unlike many other trainings.

The Hypnotherapy Academy of America, where Sean was trained, only teaches hypnotherapy techniques that have been proven scientifically to be effective. The Hypnotherapy Academy of America has participated in several studies conducted with the National Institutes of Health citing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. The latest major study in 2018 was a double-blind study that proved that 8 hypnotherapy sessions(with evidence-based methods) is more effective than drug therapy when treating overactive bladder syndrome. Click here to read more about Sean’s credentials.

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Proven 5-Step Hypnotherapy Process With An Unmatched Success Rate

At Maness Hypnosis, we follow the specialized 5-step hypnotherapy process developed by Sean Maness, which has been proven to work for weight loss, resolving anxiety, increasing self-confidence, resolving fear/phobias, and binge eating/emotional eating.

With our proven 5-step hypnotherapy process, you will be able to make a lasting change. Here is a brief overview of how our 5-step hypnotherapy process works…

Step 1: Client Education And Pre-Screening

Our commitment to each client begins before you ever set foot in our Dallas hypnotherapy office. We value the healing relationship between hypnotherapist and client. To have a quality professional relationship, it is important to make sure what we offer meets your needs before we provide any services.

Step 2: Free Private Consultation With Our Dallas Clinical Hypnotherapist

We feel it’s very important for you to meet the person you are going to work with before you pay for any hypnosis services. During your private consultation, Sean will listen to you and take in all the information about your goals and unique situation. Sean will assess where you are in the change process and use the information he gathers to outline the best strategy to meet your individual needs.

Step 3: Understanding The Problem First

As Sean always says “to solve any problem, you must understand why it is the way it is.” Sean is very skilled at uncovering and deconstructing complex problems such as anxiety, overeating, and fears into simple parts. Many people walk away from their 1st session feeling like they have been listened to and understood for the first time in their lives. They are surprised at how detailed Sean is in breaking down their struggles into a simple, actionable game plan. That is part of how Sean achieves a 99% success rate, he understands the problem before he tries to solve it so he can help you reach your goal efficiently.  

Step 4: Resolving The Problem-Your  Transformation

Through our clinical-testing, we have found some hypnotherapy approaches work best for some people and not for others. That’s why Sean customizes his approach to each client for the best results.

After working with over 1000 clients, Sean has helped people resolve a variety of problems like anxiety, weight lossfears, relationship issues, etc. He combines clinically-tested hypnotherapy techniques with honest and open communication to help you create a lasting change. For details on our process please call our office at 469-458-0187

Step 5: Maintaining A Lasting Change

Most people present hypnotherapy as a “magic pill solution” that only takes a couple of sessions and then you’re “cured”. Unfortunately, this is not in touch with what modern science has proven is necessary to create a lasting change. 

In our clinical testing, as well as in a lot of peer-reviewed research, it has been proven that clients need a period of “maintenance” after they make a big change to make that change a lasting one. 

After our clients achieve their goal, they come to follow-up sessions which help to engrain their new mental and physical habits. The result: our clients make a lasting change and they never need to return to us again for the same problem for the rest of their lives. This is what we mean by making a lasting change and doing it right the first time. 

Would you like to learn more about what we do and how we can help you make a lasting positive change? Click Here to request an appointment with our Dallas clinical hypnotherapist today. We look forward to meeting you!


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Specialists in 3 Main Focus Areas

Our proven 5-step hypnotherapy process has been clinically tested to work in 3 main problem areas-Anxiety/Confidence, Fears/Phobias, and Weight Loss/Eating Habit Issues. There are a few exceptions, but we stick with what we know. If we do not have experience with the issue, we simply refer out to someone whom we trust that has experience with the issue. Our radical honesty is a pleasant surprise to some, but it is just how we do business. Click here to request your free private consultation with Sean to find out if we can help you with your problem.

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Custom-Tailored Solutions

Hypnosis is never a one-size-fits-all process. Every client who visits Maness Hypnosis comes to us with their own unique list of needs, concerns, and desires. This is one reason why your free private consultation with our Dallas clinical hypnotherapist is a critical step in your overall transformation. During this first appointment, Sean will deeply listen to your situation, and then he will educate you fully on how the hypnotherapy process works. He will help you visualize your positive outcome to ensure you will be happy with your end results. Regardless of your needs and your reasons for visiting Maness Hypnosis, you can feel confident that you will leave our hypnotherapy office in Dallas, TX, feeling like one of a kind.

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Gentleman Hypnotherapist

Sean Maness, our Dallas clinical hypnotherapist, prides himself on his listening skills and his ability to provide his clients with excellent results. Sean recognizes that your hypnosis experience involves more than the techniques he uses, and strives to provide you with comfort and support throughout your journey. In addition to Sean being respectful of your needs, you can benefit from his gentle manner, calm voice, and temperament. In his pursuit of each client’s comfort, happiness, and ideal outcome, Sean embodies the character of the Gentleman Hypnotherapist.

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Client Education

By scheduling your free private consultation with Sean, you are not only giving him the chance to share his skill and experience as a Dallas hypnotist – you’re opening the door to your own educational pathway. Sean will help you to understand exactly what your specific personal change will entail, and he will address any questions or concerns that you may have. By the end of your consultation, Sean’s expertise will have become your own.

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Evening Appointments Available

Our focus at Maness Hypnosis is providing the best hypnotherapy care to our clients as conveniently as possible. We want you to return to a better quality of life, free from stress and suffering, as quickly as possible. That is why we offer evening appointments to our clients, in an effort to address your problem without you having to miss work. Our Dallas hypnotist cares about your needs and doesn’t want you to have to live with a quality of life that is less than you deserve.

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Flexible Payment Options

Working with a hypnotherapist shouldn’t have to break the bank. At Maness Hypnosis, we offer financing options to help you pay the cost of your hypnotherapy program in monthly installments. In addition, when you choose to move forward with your transformation at Maness Hypnosis, your initial consultation deposit will be applied toward the cost of your sessions. To learn more about payment options, including our payment plan, call us at 469.458.0187 or use our online contact form.

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5-Star Rated Dallas Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Programs By Award-Winning Dallas Hypnotist, Sean Maness

Stacey Salerno

hypnosis reviews5 stars

 I used to experience high levels of anxiety weekly, and I hardly notice feelings of anxiousness anymore. It is clear that Sean puts a lot of thought into how best to help his clients. He is well prepared every session with ideas individualized to my needs. I am beyond pleased at the progress I have seen from working with him. I am very thankful to him for helping me gain confidence and restore a sense of joy and calmness in my life again."

-Stacey Salerno-Dallas, TX Google Review 

Husna S.

hypnosis reviews dallas5 stars

"I’ve struggled with depression on and off for years, and up until recently, it had become almost debilitating. I had therapy but none of them really effectively got to the root of the problem. After just a few weeks of working with Sean, I felt a significant difference in my mood and motivation. I was able to come back to my interests of art and design after so long and was excited about life again after being held back by depression for so long. Sean is a great listener and really tried to understand you so as to give you the right help you need.”

-Husna S. Dallas, TX Google Review

Carrie May

5 stars

 “I am in my late 40’s and my weight was out of control. This program brought everything together for me. I am now down over 30 pounds! I could not have achieved what I did without this program.

I have been able to identify why I have a weight problem, and get to the root cause. Next, I was able to identify the emotional issues contributing to the problem and working through them. I now have the tools to move forward in a healthy and balanced way."

-Carrie May, Carrollton, TX Google Review 

Paige Verser

5 stars

 “I had just started a weight loss program and I knew based on past experience that my motivation wouldn’t last. I had a little hesitation about the price, but these are skills that will benefit me the rest of my life, so it was well worth it. Now, I am able to stop sabotaging myself. I’ve lost 33 pounds so far in conjunction with an eating plan and I’m still going strong."

-Paige Verser, McKinney, TX Google Review

Luke Waley

5 stars

 “Sean has been a huge help to me! I was having lots of trouble with anxiety and depression. Within 3-4 weeks, I noticed that my anxiety was basically gone. My depression has seen vast improvements as well. If you’re on the fence about this, I highly recommend you give it a try!"

-Luke Waley Dallas,TX Google Review

Liz Warner

5 stars

"I was having a lot of anxiety that stemmed from a previous abusive relationship. I was also having trouble sleeping, and focusing on the good things in my life. I am now able to see my problems from a totally different perspective. Before, I was anxious, distracted, and nervous, and now I am calm, focused, and happy. I use the mental conditioning Sean taught me as a daily tool to work through things I couldn’t work through before."

 -Liz Warner Watauga, TX Google Review

McKenzie Meloy

5 stars

"I was dealing with a paralyzing fear of flying. I had moved and cancelled two flights previously and I was concerned that this would happen again. After sessions, I have a much greater ability to gain control over my anxious thoughts.

I can now focus on the trip instead of the process of getting there. Even my parents have noticed that when I call them after hypnosis, I am now so much more relaxed. Before purchasing services, I had some doubts because it was unknown territory for me. However, it’s nothing like you’ve seen on TV or what you might think of it. I ended up doing hypnosis here because they did not present it as a quick fix, but as a process and one that I felt comfortable with."

- McKenzie Meloy 

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