Our Clients Have Chosen Us As The #1 Rated

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Our Clients Have Chosen Us As The #1 Rated Dallas Hypnotherapy Practice

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You should feel confident and comfortable when choosing a Dallas hypnotherapy professional. We find that most people are not aware of the pitfalls in choosing a Dallas hypnotist and how to avoid them. Sean Maness, owner of the #1 rated Dallas hypnosis practice, wrote this resource to help you make the best informed decision. 


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5-Star Rated Dallas Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Programs By Award-Winning Dallas Hypnotist, Sean Maness

A Letter From The #1 Rated Hypnotherapist In Dallas, TX, Mr. Sean Maness


Dear Friend,

How can you be sure you are choosing the right Dallas hypnosis professional? I have helped over 1,000 clients fully resolve very serious problems such as anxiety, excess weight, negative eating habits, and fears. I have put together the following suggestions:

1. Trust but Verify! Your Dallas hypnosis professional should have exceptional online reviews and be able to provide you with real-life client reviews.
Click here to read some of our client reviews.

2. Choose A Hypnotherapist That Is A Specialist Instead of A Generalist. The Dallas hypnosis professional you choose should specialize in the area(s) you are wanting help in. If they say they help people stop smoking, lose weight, have better relationships, and make more money, assume they don’t know much about any of those things. We have a very narrow scope of things we work with because we know what kind of issues can be resolved with our process. One way to make sure someone can help you with your issue is to look for reviews from people that have successfully resolved your particular issue. At Maness Hypnosis we stick to 3 primary areas- Anxiety/Confidence, Fears/Phobias, And Weight Loss/Eating Habit Issues. 

3. Choose Someone That Has A Proven Program For Personal Change Not Just “Sessions”. Most Dallas hypnotherapy practices just offer sessions with clients, but they don’t provide reinforcement methods outside of the sessions. In other words, you spend 60-90 minutes a week with them and you’re on your own the rest of the time. In our program, clients come to weekly sessions, they do 10 minutes of self-hypnosis per day(we teach them an easy method), and they do 1 simple action step each week. In our own tests we have proven that when our clients do 10 minutes of self-hypnosis per day and an action step each week (in addition to sessions), they get 3X the results of sessions alone. The positive momentum starts building from the very first week!

4. Seek Someone Who Specializes In The Complete Resolution Of “Unwanted” Feelings And Behaviors, Not Just A Reduction Of The Symptoms. The average Dallas hypnotist usually approaches change as something that happens in just a few sessions(on average they do 1-6 sessions with clients). When hypnotherapists approach change this way, they typically just help people reduce their symptoms and a few months later they relapse. When working with us, you will see positive results within the first few weeks, but it typically it takes at least 3 months to achieve a significant result. “Miracle pill” solutions don’t exist, only proven processes that have gotten results time and time again. That is what I suggest you seek out.

5. Compassion Matters. The Dallas hypnosis professional you choose should be passionate and confident about helping you resolve your mental and emotional blocks that are stopping you. They should also be 100% committed to providing a positive experience for you, your spouse, or loved one.

6. Seek Experience. The hypnotherapist you choose should have real-world experience with your particular issue. In helping well over 1,000 clients, I have gained extensive experience in helping people resolve their anxiety, lose weight(and keep it off), overcome binge eating/emotional eating, resolve fears/phobias, and develop positive relationships.

7. Trust Your Instinct. The dallas hypnotist you choose should make you feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for. Your questions and concerns should be answered before you leave your initial consultation.

These are just a few of the suggestions you should consider in choosing the best Dallas hypnotherapy practice. Click Here to read our free report “The Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Hypnotherapist”.


To Your Positive Change,

Sean Maness

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  • How to eliminate the 3 subconscious habits that actually cause lack of confidence that 99% of therapists COMPLETELY IGNORE (making you immune to anxiety).
  • End the frustration that anxiety causes in your life and increase your productivity at work by 250% or more in a few short weeks.
  • How to use the “Mental Tranquilizer” technique to naturally “shut off” your mind and go to sleep at night in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Eliminate your fear of what other people think about you so you can overcome procrastination and take back control of your life.
  • And much more…

"If you are trying to resolve your anxiety... but you're struggling with lack of confidence,  sleep problems,  worry thoughts, and fear of what other people think about you - this book is for you!"

-SEAN MANESS, #1 Rated Hypnotherapist In Texas 

5-Star Rated Dallas Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Programs By Award-Winning Dallas Hypnotist, Sean Maness

Stacey Salerno

hypnosis reviews5 stars

 I used to experience high levels of anxiety weekly, and I hardly notice feelings of anxiousness anymore. It is clear that Sean puts a lot of thought into how best to help his clients. He is well prepared every session with ideas individualized to my needs. I am beyond pleased at the progress I have seen from working with him. I am very thankful to him for helping me gain confidence and restore a sense of joy and calmness in my life again."

-Stacey Salerno-Dallas, TX Google Review 

Husna S.

hypnosis reviews dallas5 stars

"I’ve struggled with depression on and off for years, and up until recently, it had become almost debilitating. I had therapy but none of them really effectively got to the root of the problem. After just a few weeks of working with Sean, I felt a significant difference in my mood and motivation. I was able to come back to my interests of art and design after so long and was excited about life again after being held back by depression for so long. Sean is a great listener and really tried to understand you so as to give you the right help you need.”

-Husna S. Dallas, TX Google Review

Carrie May

5 stars

 “I am in my late 40’s and my weight was out of control. This program brought everything together for me. I am now down over 30 pounds! I could not have achieved what I did without this program.

I have been able to identify why I have a weight problem, and get to the root cause. Next, I was able to identify the emotional issues contributing to the problem and working through them. I now have the tools to move forward in a healthy and balanced way."

-Carrie May, Carrollton, TX Google Review 

Paige Verser

5 stars

 “I had just started a weight loss program and I knew based on past experience that my motivation wouldn’t last. I had a little hesitation about the price, but these are skills that will benefit me the rest of my life, so it was well worth it. Now, I am able to stop sabotaging myself. I’ve lost 33 pounds so far in conjunction with an eating plan and I’m still going strong."

-Paige Verser, McKinney, TX Google Review

Luke Waley

5 stars

 “Sean has been a huge help to me! I was having lots of trouble with anxiety and depression. Within 3-4 weeks, I noticed that my anxiety was basically gone. My depression has seen vast improvements as well. If you’re on the fence about this, I highly recommend you give it a try!"

-Luke Waley Dallas,TX Google Review

Liz Warner

5 stars

"I was having a lot of anxiety that stemmed from a previous abusive relationship. I was also having trouble sleeping, and focusing on the good things in my life. I am now able to see my problems from a totally different perspective. Before, I was anxious, distracted, and nervous, and now I am calm, focused, and happy. I use the mental conditioning Sean taught me as a daily tool to work through things I couldn’t work through before."

 -Liz Warner Watauga, TX Google Review

McKenzie Meloy

5 stars

"I was dealing with a paralyzing fear of flying. I had moved and cancelled two flights previously and I was concerned that this would happen again. After sessions, I have a much greater ability to gain control over my anxious thoughts.

I can now focus on the trip instead of the process of getting there. Even my parents have noticed that when I call them after hypnosis, I am now so much more relaxed. Before purchasing services, I had some doubts because it was unknown territory for me. However, it’s nothing like you’ve seen on TV or what you might think of it. I ended up doing hypnosis here because they did not present it as a quick fix, but as a process and one that I felt comfortable with."

- McKenzie Meloy 

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